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Why Learn Spanish?

If you're on the fence about why you should learn Spanish, we're going to share our 7 reasons and the benefits you'll gain that you probably didn't know.

If you're on the fence about why you should learn Spanish, it's probably time to make that leap.Spanish is the top 3 most spoken language in the world, and one of the fastest growing in terms of international importance. There are approximately 400M+ native Spanish speakers around the world, and 21 countries claim Spanish as their official language.


Aside from being able to reap the benefits of learning a new language, and developing one of the smoothest accents out there, learning Spanish can help you in more ways than you can imagine now.To help you understand the full potential of learning Spanish, we're going to list out our top 7 reasons and the benefits you'll gain.

Benefits of Learning Spanish: Top 7 Irresistible Reasons

1. Expand your career opportunities

Learn one language, and open yourself up to 22 countries for global career opportunities? Sounds like a good deal to us. If you live in the US or plan to work there, then learning Spanish is even more important to standing out in the competitive market. Over 96% of executives interviewed in a 2013 survey claimed language skills as being either 'very important' or 'somewhat important' for professional success.Besides, as one of the fastest growing languages in the world, Spanish is no longer considered a 'foreign' language but rather a 'must-have' language.

2. Transform your future travel experiences

If you're tired of the same touristy destinations, get ready for a big shift when you learn Spanish. These native Spanish speakers populate some of the world's coolest destinations. From the coastline of Venezuela, to the southern tips of Patagonia, you're able to build relationships with locals that no tour guide can show you.

3. Instantly gain the ability to communicate with 400M+ people

With 400M+ strong already, the hispanic population around the world is only getting stronger. According to a Pew Center report, there will be 130M latin americans living in the United States by 2060, making it the largest hispanic country in the world. And for the single people ready to mingle, you can significantly expand your dating pool on Tinder and OKCupid!

4. Know your way around Spanish music, movies, books, and TV shows

Tired of watching Spanish movies on Netflix with those English subtitles on? Or ever wondered what those catchy latin lyrics playing on the radio mean? There's no question that with the hispanic population increasing around the world, the latin culture is expanding even faster.

5. It's one of the easiest languages to learn

Lucky for us English speakers, Spanish has similar phonetic words to English. While the grammar and accent can be harder to master, there's no shortage of native Spanish speakers that you can practice with. In fact, we have many students at Rype who went from zero to conversational proficiency in a matter of two to three months.

6. Build deeper relationships at work and in your personal life

With the rising number of hispanics around the world, you'll likely be required to communicate with spanish speaking clients, customers, coworkers, and more. Just like you would feel more connected to a fellow English speaker when visiting a foreign country, Spanish speakers will feel the same about you. Even if you may not be fluent, the effort alone will make a big difference.

7. Leverage it to learn other Latin languages faster

Nearly all foreign languages come from a single origin (the Indo-European). But as time passed, it branched into their own language branches. Spanish became part of the Latin/Romance language family, English became part of the Germanic language family, etc.This is why once you learn Spanish, you can easily transfer your skills towards Portuguese, Italian, French, and the other languages due to its similar structure. Talk about a major shortcut!

Hope you enjoyed our 'Why Learn Spanish?' chapter. In the next chapter, we'll talk about where you can start learning Spanish. We'll include the different methods you can take advantage of, online and offline.Ready to start? Go to Chapter 2: Where to Learn Spanish?

Chapter List

1. Why Learn Spanish?

2. Where to Learn Spanish?

3. Spanish Blogs

4. Spanish Podcasts

5. Spanish Youtube Channels

6. Free Spanish Apps

7. Most Common Spanish Words

8. Spanish Exercises

9. Spanish Lessons

10. Spanish For Kids

11. Spanish For Business

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