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Meet Jumpspeak.

The first language app that trains you to speak confidently in real-life immersive conversations 🗣, powered by AI. Learn Spanish for free.

Built for speaking

Jumpspeak is designed around immersive speaking, not typing.

Smart feedback

Like a 24/7 language coach, except better. Get instant feedback to speak accurately on day one.

Real-life conversations

Practice speaking in real-life scenarios like chatting with a buddy. We all know someone losing their sh*t!

Master your listening

Master your listening & pronunciation skills by hearing real native Spanish speaker accents.

Expert tips, on demand

Uncover helpful insights and tips during your conversation that will help you improve faster.

Fun, bite-sized conversations

We promise not to waste your time. Hundreds of bite-sized conversation lessons that are fun and relevant to learn around your busy schedule.

Enough love to create world peace

Real convos

Absolutely loving the conversations. They actually teach you words that you'd use in real-life.

-Andrew S., App Store review

Perfect for speaking

This app has so much potential, and I'm improving my speaking skills everyday.

-Karen Chin, Trustpilot review

A+ Experience!

Jumpspeak mimics real life conversations and I love that. Much different than the other apps out there.

-Mia Bernad, Trustpilot review

"AI-based conversations that will make you feel as if you're chatting with a real-life native speaker."

"Jumpspeak puts learners’ feet to the fire immediately, using a modernized approach to language learning."

"Engineered around actually speaking the language, focusing on verbal learning rather than typing."

Topics that don't suck.


What problem does jumpspeak solve?

We solve the biggest gap that most language learners have, the ability to speak confidently in a real-life conversation. Using human voices, artificial intelligence, and powerful speech recognition, you'll immerse yourself into conversations that feels like real-life.

You'll train and master not only your speaking skills, but your listening, reading, and pronunciation skills to help you become a well-rounded Spanish speaker.

Can I try jumpspeak risk-free?

Si! All of our purchases come with a free trial plus a 30-day money back guarantee. That means you can join and try jumpspeak for free, and you can email us within the 30 days to get a full refund.

How do the speaking lessons work?

The speaking lessons are designed to feel like you’re conversing with a real person, but with instant feedback to speak accurately on day one.

From beginning to the end of the lesson, you'll be speaking in a fun, interactive conversation powered by AI. As you progress to more difficult levels, there will be less help available for you, and you’ll soon be put to a real-life test, just like you would if you were talking to a local speaker in a foreign country!

Lastly, as we gather more feedback and improve our technology, the speech recognition will continuously get better, and we’ll offer a more seamless speaking experience.

How long is each lesson?

We built jumpspeak with the busiest person in mind. Each conversation lesson takes around 5 minutes to complete. More importantly, we save your progress mid-lesson so you can come back to where you left off at anytime.

What if I'm a complete beginner, will Jumpspeak work for me?

The short answer is: yes!

Given that most people are starting with zero to little knowledge, we designed the learning experience for absolute beginners.

In the beginner introductory lessons, we do heavily focus on the fundamentals. This means you'll learn the basic words and sentences, like greetings, numbers, dates, etc.

TLDR; You do not need to know any basics of the language to gain the benefits of Jumpspeak.

Where is the app delivered?

The app is available for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play).

What additional languages will you launch?

The languages we plan to launch after Spanish are: English, French, and German.

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