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Why Learn English

Are you not sure if you're ready to learn English? Here we list the top reasons your life will improve if you learn English!

English: so much emphasis has been placed on learning this language throughout the world, and for good reason. There are 67 countries (out of 195) that call English their official language, and 27 others that recognize English as their second "official" language. Did you know that if you combine native and non-native English speakers, English is the most spoken language throughout the world?Learning English will put you in good company too, as it's also the most studied language in the world! Are you not sure if you're ready to learn English? You've come to the right place, because here we list some of the top reasons your life will improve if you learn English!

Most commonly spoken language in the world

When it comes to native speakers, it might surprise you to know that English does not hold the title for the most spoken language throughout the world. That title goes to Mandarin, followed by Spanish, and then English. But don’t let this fool you into thinking that English isn’t as widely spoken as you thought it was; when you take into account non-native speakers, English is the most spoken language in the world. What better reason to learn English now, and gain over one billion people you can now communicate with?

Discover a better way to travel the world

As a traveler, learning English can prove very useful, even when visiting countries where English is not the native language. It’ll make life a lot easier if you can read menus, road signs, ask for directions, and interact with locals. Without question, if there is one language in the world where people tend to know a few phrases, or enough to “get by”, that language is English.

Open up new job opportunities

There’s no doubt about it - learning English to advance your career is one of the smartest moves you can make, and for some fields, like international business or healthcare, it’s almost a requirement. English is spoken during business meetings and conferences in dozens of countries throughout the world, and in order to gain an advantage, you’ll need to have a strong command of spoken and written English. Learning English will help your finances too - bilingual employees are generally paid more for their extra skills!

Speak the language of the Internet

Something as simple as using the internet can be made easier when you know the English language. As of March 2017, out of over 10 million websites, English was the language of choice over 55% of the time. To put that into some context, Russia is number two on the list, but only accounts for 6% of the websites out there. While the number of websites with languages other than English as their primary language is quickly growing, when it comes to surfing the web, knowing English puts you at a distinct advantage!

Receive a Top Notch Education

When it comes to receiving a top notch education, knowing English is a requirement, not an option. Top universities like Oxford, MIT, and Princeton all require that you know English, or can learn quickly, when applying to the university. Interested in a career in medicine, science, or engineering? It’s even more important to learn English if you are interested in one of these fields, as throughout the world, the classes are generally taught in English. If you’re pre-med, expect your textbooks to be in English, and if you plan on becoming a researcher, make sure to brush up on your reading and writing skills! Almost all scientific research throughout the world is written and published in English, even when produced in non-English speaking countries.There are so many reasons one might want to learn English, and these are just a few.Continue to Chapter 2 to find out the best places to learn English![mashshare]

Chapter List

1. Why Learn English? 2. Where to Learn English?3. English Blogs4. English Podcasts5. English Youtube Channels6. Best English Learning Apps7. Most Common English Words8. English Exercises 9. English Lessons10. English For Kids11. English For Business

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