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Where to Learn English

Where can you find the best resources and courses to learn English, and which are the most effective to help you reach your goals? Read on to find out!

Now that we’ve gone through the top reasons to learn English in Chapter 1, it’s time to figure out where to learn English. Where can you find the best resources and courses to learn English, and which of them are the most effective and sustainable to help you reach your goals? Read on to find out!

Local Language Meetups

Time: 2-3 hours per sessionEffectiveness: 5/10Cost: Free or ~$10/sessionOverall Score: 5/10Want to meet people with the same goal of learning English in a casual setting? If so, a language meetup might be for you! People of all skill levels come together to help each other learn their target language. In a perfect world, you’ll meet people who are advanced English speakers that are willing to spend time conversing with you. At the least, you’ll likely meet a bunch of new and interesting people who share your interest in learning English, and might find a study buddy to work with as you learn!

where to learn English

Best Option(s) to get started: Using a combination of meetup.com, couchsurfing.org, and eventbrite.com, you can likely find language meetups happening in your local city. If you live in a larger metropolitan area like New York or Los Angeles, you’ll find Spanish language meetups happening nearly every day.

Language Instructional Courses

Time: 60 minutes per session (200+ hours to complete 5 levels)Effectiveness: 6/10Cost: $150-$300 per packageOverall Score: 6.5/10Language instructional courses are programs that are pre-created/recorded to guide you through learning a language step by step. They normally come in sections (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and focus on helping you learn grammar, vocabulary, and reading. A benefit of using one of these courses is that you can learn completely at your leisure, and take it on the go with you, which is helpful for those of us with busy lifestyles. Some drawbacks are that the courses are not personalized, and your personal goals/learning style/abilities will not be taken into account. Another common complaint when using programs like these are that they don’t prepare you for using English in the “real world” -- while you may leave with a better understanding of the grammar and vocabulary, conversation skills may be lacking as there is no one to correct your pronunciation.

where to learn English

Best Option(s) to get started: Michel Thomas, Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur.

Online Resources

Time: 20 minutes/sessionEffectiveness: 6/10Cost: FreeOverall Score: 7.5/10Thanks to the internet, we live in a time where we have 24/7 access to information, and this includes tons of resources about learning English! While it might be difficult to go from zero to fluent using free online resources, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of what they have to offer. Check out YouTube, Facebook groups, blog, and podcasts to see thousands of videos and articles that can help you reach your goal of learning English. Best for beginner-intermediate users, and you’ll likely find the most success if you use free online resources in conjunction with your other learning efforts.

where to learn English

Best Option(s) to get started: You can check out our future chapters on our top English blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels and more.

Software Apps

Time: 10-20 minutes per sessionEffectiveness: 7/10Cost: Free or $20/monthOverall Score: 8/10Another option that allows users to learn English on the go, software apps are a great way to learn but usually are best when paired with other methods of learning. A benefit of using apps to learn English is that you can practice for 5 minutes while waiting at the doctor's office, while eating breakfast in the morning, or riding the subway to work. Software apps may not improve your conversational skills in a big way, but they will definitely help you become more familiar with English words and phrases.

where to learn English

Best Option(s) to get started: Our top recommendations for language apps are Duolingo, Babbel, and FluentU. Based on reputation, price, and years they have been around, these are the clear winners.

Private Language Lessons Online

Time: 30-60 minutes per sessionEffectiveness: 9/10Cost: ~$50-100/m (~$5/session)Overall Score: 9/10Using the same analogy from our Where to Learn Spanish guide, all of the aforementioned options to help you learn English are like using P90X or taking Zumba classes at your local gym. While they may be cost-effective options to help you reach your goals, there is no comparison to having a personal trainer guide you through each step along the way. The same goes for learning English -- without a doubt, the most effective way to learn English is with the help of a private teacher or tutor. There is no substitute for having a professional teacher working with you on a consistent basis, someone who is familiar with your goals, learning style and can correct/encourage you along the way.We offer a free 7-day trial on our website, risk-free.

where to learn English

Now that we've gone through all the best places to learn English, are you ready to get started? Then keep reading and check out Chapter 3, where we discuss some of the best blogs for learning English.[mashshare]

Chapter List

1. Why Learn English? 2. Where to Learn English?3. English Blogs4. English Podcasts5. English Youtube Channels6. Best English Learning Apps7. Most Common English Words8. English Exercises 9. English Lessons10. English For Kids11. English For Business

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