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Complete Guide to Useful Italian Phrases for Travelers

Planning to visit Italy this year? You're in for a treat. Start by learning some of these useful Italian phrases to get you ready for your trip!

Congratulations on deciding to learn Italian! Especially if you plan to visit there.The beautiful country of Italy is filled with nearly endless picturesque sights, destinations, and other cultural happenings for you to partake in. From the Amalfi Coast to St. Peter's Basilica to the excellent football competitions of Serie A, Italy is a beautiful country with an immense offering of things to see. And let’s not forget about the food! In short, you may not ever come back.Now, let’s get you prepared for your trip with some useful Italian phrases. Once you have the fundamentals down - don’t worry, Italian is quite an easy language to learn - you can incorporate these phrases into your travels. With these phrases and sentences at your disposal, your Italian journey should allow for deeper interactions and a more enjoyable experience. You’ll be able to interact and understand locals more, and hopefully get the best possible trip you could have hoped for.So, let’s learn some useful Italian phrases!

35 Most Useful Italian Phrases For Travelers

1. Mi puòaiutare? Can you help me? It’s almost a guarantee that you will need help at some point along in your Italian travels. It happens to us all. When it does, ask this. 2. Quanto costa? - How much does it cost?Price is ever-present on our travels. While many businesses will have signs or menus to look a, this useful Italian phrase is one that no traveler should be without. This will prove itself especially useful when at Italy’s famed markets. 3. Quanto dista il Colosseo? - How far is the Colosseum?When looking for the Colosseum or any of Italy’s wonderful destinations, this phrase will help you know just how close you are to another Italian work of art. 4. Dove si trova l'ambasciata? - Where is the embassy?The embassy is just one of countless options you can use to turn this phrase into a useful Italian sentence. This works when looking for anything from the airport to the toilet. If you have an idea of some of the places you’ll be seeing, be sure to know those words. Ask your Rype teacher during an upcoming lesson. 5. Dove posso trovare un… - Where can I find a…Similar to asking where something is, this phrase can be completed by just about any Italian noun. 6. Come posso andare a…? - How can I go to....?Capping off our useful Italian phrase trio, this phrase can be used with virtually any noun to ask your question. 7. Posso fare fotografie? - May I take photos?Tourism and photography go hand in hand. If you are unsure a destination allows photography (especially in museums!), this phrase will certainly come of use.8. Ho (Abbiamo) una prenotazione - I (we) have a bookingWhether traveling solo or going with a group, this Italian phrase should come of use often in your travels.9. Accettate carte di credito? - Do you accept credit cards?It’s always good to ask this before making a purchase. Just in case, it’s best to have some cash on you when traveling. 10. C'è la connessione ad internet? - Is there an internet connection?Today, asking for Wi-Fi is almost as common as asking for the price of an item. Don’t forget this useful phrase in your Italian studies. Otherwise, your data bill might be pretty high by the time your travels have concluded. 11. Scusi - Excuse me (to get attention)When politely asking for someone’s attention, this one-word phrase should do the job. 12. Mi Scusi - Excuse me (to get past someone) Just add Mi and you have a different, yet equally useful Italian phrase at your disposal. When at some of Italy’s most crowded destinations, you’ll be happy to have this useful phrase in your Italian arsenal. 13. Vorrei qualcosa da bere. - I would like something to drink.After a long day of traveling about, a drink is needed. Use this phrase for any sort of refreshment that you desire, from bars to cafes. 14. Vorrei qualcosa da mangiare. - I would like something to eat.We mentioned the food earlier, and it will probably come up again. That’s because when you are in Italy, you are expected to eat. Use this Italian phrase early and often. You won’t regret it one bit. 15. Quando é aperto? - When is it open? They say the early bird eats the worm, but some travelers can show up a bit too early. If that happens to you, this phrase will prove itself incredibly useful. 16. Quando si chiude? When does it close?Similarly so, if you’re not an early bird but rather a late-day sightseer, this phrase should be of use to you. 17. Ho il Eurail pass. - I have a Eurail pass A Eurail pass (formerly Europass) allows you to travel in 28 European countries on nearly all European railroads and some shipping lines. 18. Al pieno, per favore. - Fill it up, please If you plan on driving, this useful phrase should help you at any Italian gas station. 19. Aiuto! — Help!Use this one-word phrase when in need of assistance, great or small. 20. Chiamate un’ambulanza! — Call an ambulance!As the last phrase indicates, not everything you need to know is positive. Unfortunately, troubling situations sometimes arise when traveling. In the case this happens to you or your group, let those helping you know what kind of aid you are in need of. 21. Chiamate la polizia! — Call the police!Again, hopefully you won’t need the police’s service while in Italy. However, if you find yourself in need, use this phrase to get help from the Italian authorities. 22. C’è stato un incidente. — There’s been an accidentWhether dealing with the police or emergency services, this phrase helps explain any unfortunate events that may have come about. Here’s hoping this is a phrase you won’t have to use on your travels. 23. Ho bisogno di un medico. - I need a doctor.Whether you aren’t feeling well or worse, you’ll be happy to have this useful phrase when your body is feeling upset. 24. Mi sento molto male.- I feel very sick.When explaining to the doctor or the people helping get you a doctor, this is a broad but efficient way of letting everyone know what is wrong. Get better soon! 25. Parli piano, per favore. — Please speak slowly.We all speak Italian at different levels. If you find yourself interacting with a fast Italian speaker, this useful phrase should help your comprehension. 26. Non parlo molto bene italiano. - I don't speak Italian very well.It’s ok if you aren’t an expert by the time your trip to Italy arrives. If that happens to you, don’t be afraid to let them know. It could save you both lots of time and frustration - and maybe they even speak English!27. Parla inglese? - Do you speak English? Which leads us to our next useful Italian phrase! This is the formal version, but you can also use parli inglese for a similar result. 28. Buon viaggio - Have a nice tripYou are more likely to hear than say this next phrase on your trip. However, if you come across fellow travelers during your journeys, this warm greeting can be used to wish them well. 29. Buon appetito: Enjoy your meal. I told you we’d be talking about food again! This is an Italian phrase you are likely to hear with every meal served in the country. As I mentioned before, Italy is a nation of delicious food, and the Italians want you to always enjoy it.30. Dove abiti? — Where do you live?Whether you are meeting locals or asking a fellow traveler where in the world they come from, this phrase will help start conversations. 31. Si va in quella direzione — Go that wayThough this is a direction you are giving, a slight tonal inflection can also help a lost traveler ensure they are headed in the right direction. 32. Si va indietro — Go backSimilarly so, you might get lost in your travels and need to turn around. This useful Italian phrase will get that message across. 33. Posso ordinare _____? — Can I order the [menu item]?When ordering your meals and other goods, this phrase is the one to use.34. Fammi un prezzaccio! — C’mon, give me a good deal!Italy’s markets are famous for their quality foods and goods. If you are the haggling type, this useful phrase will let a vendor know that you can speak some Italian and are hoping for a good price.35. Lo compro! — I’ll take it!After an extensive haggling session between you and the vendor, let them know they have a deal by saying this.

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