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15 Top Reasons to Learn German That Are Life-Changing Today

Undecided on whether or not you should learn German? Fair warning: these 15 life-changing reasons to learn German will convince you to start learning TODAY.

Why learn German? The real question is, why not?

With over 230 million speakers, learning how to speak German is only on the rise. Germany's economic growth, innovation, and career opportunities are just some of the endless reasons to learn German.

Still not 100% convinced?

Don't worry, we've got 15 more convincing reasons to learn German. Some of which may actually change your life for the better.

Let's get started!

Reasons to Learn German

1. German comes from the same language family as English

German and English are both 'West Germanic languages' and share similar language DNA. This means that as an English speaker, you're going to have a much easier time to learn German. In fact, over 26% of English vocabulary has shared roots with German, from grammar structure to vocabulary.

It's the main reason why German is one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers.


2. Make more money

Now that we have got your attention, let us say it again. One of the top reasons to learn German is to make more money.According to the Economist, German learners will have an accumulated bonus earnings of 125,000 euros. Just by learning the language. As an economic powerhouse, Germany is the largest European trading partner with the United States and many other nations around the world.

Think about every luxury car brand -- they were designed and manufactured in Germany!


3. University in German is free!

Wait... first more money, now free education?

Getting a decent education in the US costs upwards of $20,000 a year, but it's nearly free in Germany. Some institutions charge a few hundred dollars per semester, but that's a fraction of what most are used to paying.Best of all, German institutions are ranked as one of the top schools around the world.

A minor downside to to this is that German taxes are higher than other nations, but it may not matter if you're an international student. While countries like the U.K, Australia, and the U.S will charge nearly double for international students, it's free in Germany because many classes are held in German.TLDR; want a free education?

Learn German!

4. Open up new career opportunities

Given the attractiveness of this country, companies from around the world are seeking out German speakers. In fact, just about any major international corporation will have some affiliation with Germany.

But most importantly, German powerhouses like BMW, Volkswagen, Adidas, and Lufthansa are all established around the world. Stand out amongst the tens of thousands of applicants you'll be competing with by learning even the basics of German.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. -Nelson Mandela

5. Get in the linguistic mindset of the world's greatest innovators

Freud, Beethoven, Nietzsche, Mozart. Any of these ring a bell?

It should because they're world's greatest thinkers, innovators, and leaders in our lifetime. Now, we're not saying that learning German will turn you into a Mozart (although, who knows :))

However, you'll be able to understand more of their creative and thinking process by learning the language.


6. Discover a completely new Internet

Just after Russian, German is one of the top languages written on the Internet. More precisely, around 6% of the Internet.

This is especially important if you have or plan to have an online presence. Forgetting about your German speakers will mean you're neglecting millions of potential audience members! At one point, the domain .de used to be only second to .com.


7. German is the second most common language used in Science

At one point in the 20th century, German was the official language used in the world of Science. However, given the events of WWII, German scientists were ostracized from the community.

German still remains as the second most important language in the industry, despite these circumstances. Learning the language will give you an advantage if you're serious about making a difference in the field.

8. Adopt a new way to connect and travel

Germans are literally everywhere. Even within the US, over 15% of Americans have German heritage which is over 60M people in the USA alone!

More importantly, because the average income in Germany is higher than most other countries, many of them travel abroad. It's likely that wherever you go in Europe, North America, and other parts around the world, you'll run into a German speaker.


9. Berlin is a hot spot for entrepreneurs

Looking to build the next billion dollar app and disrupt an industry? If you're an entrepreneur, digital nomad, or an ambitious professional looking to strike gold in the startup industry, welcome to Berlin. The European market is ripe for disruption and begging for new ideas to come to fruition.

As the economic powerhouse of Europe, starting your company in Germany is likely going to give you the highest chance of success. Especially in Berlin.


10. Grow your business!

Or maybe you already have a business (or you're working for one) that's already thriving in your local market. If you're looking to expand, there's plenty of business to grab in lovely Germany.


11. The culture of widely recognized globally

Does Oktoberfest ring a bell? How about a BMW? Or sausages?

From food, events, to globally recognized brands, German culture is widely adopted around the world. It's a force to be reckoned with. By learning the language, you'll start to become part of this culture as well.


12. Enjoy German cuisine in a different way

The next time you go to a German restaurant, you can feel like a local instead of an outsider. Many German restaurants make it a priority to keep it as authentic as possible by hiring German servers. You can try to impress your friends or just feel at home by speaking with them in German.


13. Most common language used in the European Union

Given the economic powerhouse and control that Germany has in Europe, it's also the language of choice in the European Union. If politics is a future for you, German is a great bet to place your investment in.

14. 1 out of 10 books in the world are written in German

Hey bookworms! Did you know that there's more to books than ones written in the English language? As we mentioned above, some of the greatest thinkers and artists are from Germany. There's a whole new world for you to discover in the world of books.


15. German rap is the bomb

Need we say more?... This may be one of the top reasons to learn German (just our opinion).

Why Learn German?

There are endless reasons to learn German in our opinion, and 15 is doing a disservice to this beautiful language. There are certainly more benefits that we have not yet mentioned beyond making more money, finding a new internet, and changing how you travel. Although, those are pretty convincing reasons to learn German.

We encourage you to explore beyond the reasons we've provided above, and ask yourself: "Why learn German"

Let us know!

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