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6 Top Languages to Learn to Earn You More Money (And Freedom)

Today, knowing a foreign language is no longer a 'nice-to-have' but a 'must-have.' But what are the top languages to learn to earn the big $$$?

This is a special time in history.We're living in one of the most multicultural eras we've ever lived through. Today, we have businesses, entertainment, politics, and more that are expanding globally faster than ever.

With new advancement in technology and communication tools, it has never been easier to reach a global audience. If you're ready to take on our top languages to learn, this may be one of the greatest opportunities for your career.

"More than 60% of companies who want to expand to other countries are unable to do so due to language barriers." -British Chambers of Commerce

Most companies today aren't prepared to take advantage of this global expansion, and they're acting fast to change that. Organizations are seeking out more bilingual or even trilingual hires, and they're willing to pay a premium price. Why can't this be you?

Earn More Money (And Freedom)

According to Euro London, a top recruitment agency based in Europe:

"A foreign language can add between 10 to 15% increase to your wage."


The Economist has also reported an estimated increase in terms of bonuses received by employees who knew Spanish, French, or German. All in all, you could be earning an extra $100,000 just by knowing a second language.

Earning more freedom is another benefit you'll receive. With the ability to prove more value in the marketplace, you'll have more:

  • job opportunities to explore, not just locally but globally
  • departments you can work at because of your language skills
  • travel opportunities for global meetings, negotiations, work transfers, etc.

For most of us, having more freedom can be worth more than earning more money. But sometimes, you can have both.

"42% of employers at top law firms surveyed by Robert Half (staffing agency) saw an increase in legal jobs requiring a second language."

6 Top Languages to Learn to Earn You More Money (And Freedom)

Now that we understand the value of learning a foreign language in our lives, what are the top languages to learn to maximize this opportunity? Let's get started.

1. English

English is the globally recognized language that's the default choice for international business, entertainment, politics, and more. Most of you reading this should be proficient in the language, so you're already ahead of the game.

But we encourage you to dig deeper. If you truly want to expand your career opportunity globally, you need to understand the differences between the variances that exist in the English language.

For example, if you're American, learn the lexicon and nuances of British English and Australian English. Vice versa. Chances are, most companies you work for will likely expand to countries that already speak English.

2. German

Home to some of the biggest automobile brands in the world, German is the economic powerhouse of Europe. Every year, more immigrants around Europe are looking to seek job opportunities in Germany. But many fall short because they don't know how to speak German.

According to Albert Saiz, a study author of linguistics, German ranked as the top language to learn to earn premium pay. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Germany is a thriving economy, and working for a German corporation will likely earn you a higher salary.

Moreover, since most Germans end up remaining in their native-born country, knowing German will help you fit into their social circles. Best of all, German is in the same language family as English making it easier to learn.

3. Arabic

As the main language of the Arab World, one of the fastest growing economies, you're bound to profit by learning Arabic. There's a diverse amount of career opportunities sprouting in places like Dubai and Saudi Arabia in journalism, finance, foreign services, and more.

What's unique about this opportunity is that there is more demand of foreign Arabic speakers than there is supply available. That means, you won't be facing a lot of competition once you decide to learn how to speak Arabic.

4. Russian

Russian may not be the most globally recognized or the most profitable language to learn. However, Russia is still an economic force to be reckoned with, especially in eastern Europe.

The reality of Russia is that there's only 20-25% of the population that can speak a second language. This means that if you want to work in Russia or do business with Russians, learning Russian is a must.

You may not need to reach fluency to get the job done either. Most people will let their guard down or will make the effort to speak with you in English (if they know it) if they see you making the effort of speaking their native language.

5. Mandarin

Want to reach over 1B people around the world? You can, just by learning Mandarin. According to Ascentator, the search for Mandarin-speaking executives have risen by over 35% from the previous years.This shouldn't come as a surprise. China is the leading economy of the future, and not to beat a dead horse, you're talking about 1B consumers!It may not be the easiest language to learn for English speakers, but even speaking a little bit will impress your future boss and co-workers.

6. French

Last but not least, French. Out of all the top languages to learn above, French will likely have the least impact financially. But that shouldn't stop you from learning this beautiful language, as it's still impactful.

Over 200M people around the world speak French. It's also quite spread around, with citizens from Canada (Quebec), France, Switzerland, Belgium, and sub-saharan Africa.

Best of all, it's recognized as one of the sexiest languages to learn ;) That should already be convincing enough for you!

Which of these are your top languages to learn?

Now it's your turn. Think about the top languages to learn in your life, based on the data we've provided.You also don't need to limit yourself to what we've shared.

At the end of the day, learning a language is an incredibly personal experience. By having your own internal purpose, you'll be able to sustain your motivation as time passes, and put in the extra hours you need to be successful.

Do you constantly feel intimidated when you speak a new language?

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