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6 Proven Ways to Improve Speaking a Foreign Language Online

After hundreds of years, studies show that there are proven ways to improve speaking a foreign language. We're going to share 6 of the best with you today.

Speaking a foreign language can be difficult, challenging and stressful but it can also be incredibly rewarding as well as opening up a whole new world of opportunities for you. Some people find learning a new language really hard but after however many years you’ve been alive, that’s a lot of brain space you’ve got to open up. Whether you’re interested in starting to learn a foreign language or you’re having difficulty with your practice, here are a few ways that the internet can help you achieve your goal.

6 Proven Ways to Improve Speaking a Foreign Language Online

Practice Daily

You’re not going to be able to improve speaking a foreign language fluently unless you put some solid time into practicing. As a rule of thumb, try to put some time into it every day. If you find that you’re sat at your computer scrolling through Facebook or what not, why not replace that time with practice? Even if you start with just 20 minutes a day, you can slowly build this up as you find the time. Try to aim for an hour. Unfortunately, if you only practice once a day, you’re going to keep forgetting what you’ve learned and you’ll never get anywhere. As the saying goes, ‘use it or lose it’! The great practice is reading in a foreign language you want to improve. Try to understand and remember the information and then repeat it using your own words. It would be hard at first but you’ll see how far you can get day after day.

Immerse Yourself in Culture

Instead of sitting and watching English-speaking TV, why not jump online and start watching shows that speak the language that you’re trying to learn? With a simple Google search or browse on YouTube, it won’t be too difficult to find something that matches your requirements. Whether you’re using your computer, your phone or your laptop, you could even connect your device to your TV so you can still just sit there and watch! This is actually a very beneficial way of learning since you might not understand the language, you’ll be able to match the language to what’s going on in the show, very helpful if you’re a visual learner.At the start, try to watch the shows with subtitles. It is hard to understand what people are talking about with jargon words, shorten sentences and accent. Subtitles will help you to understand the words and phrases and after some time, you’ll see that you don’t need it at all.

Find a Learning Partner Online

Although you might like to use your Facebook-time to learn a language, why not use the social media giant to your advantage? There is a tonne of language learning pages on Facebook, and many other social media websites that can help you to meet someone who is trying to learn your language.Once connected, you can easily chat through Facebook’s messaging services or migrate to Skype for one on one sessions where you can teach each other another language. This other individual doesn’t have to be a language teacher, in fact, it might even be better and less intimidated if they’re not!Joseph A. Baker, a foreign language teacher for Academized, continues, “Some people may find it intimating to go to a language class, or simply can’t find the time for it. However, it’s sometimes more beneficial, and you’ll learn a lot more by going straight to a native speaker who can teach you, in your own time in a 1-on-1 environment, everything you need to know!”Practicing this way will let you find friends from all over the world, learn about their country and culture, which is also a good experience.

Recording Yourself for Feedback

Hand in hand with the consideration above, you can use the same language groups that you find online, or through the internet, to upload video or audio clips of you speaking another language. Most laptops will come with both webcams or microphones, or you can buy an affordable one online.You can then upload or send your video to an individual for them to then send back a video and feedback on how you did, telling you, where to improve and what you can do better. There are plenty of language learning blogs, websites and online communities where you can find people that are willing to use this method. In fact, it’s quite popular. All you have to do is search your preferred language online followed by ‘video tutors’ or ‘exchange’.

Use Online Tools

As you can see above, there are plenty of online tools and internet resources that you can use to enhance your online language learning experience. Here are five more than you might find helpful:a. BabbelThis online tool is one of the most comprehensive language learning platforms on the internet. There are 15 languages to choose from and all the lessons are broken down into easy and manageable chunks with an easy to use interface that allows you to focus on learning!b. BusuuBusuu gives you access to 12 unique language courses that can help you learn in your own time. There are all the lessons you would expect, including reading, listening, writing and speaking, as well as the chance to talk to native speakers.c. Ox EssaysOne of the easiest ways to learn another language is to hire a tutor, although in most cases, these can be very expensive. Why not try the tutors here at Ox Essays who can provide you with comprehensive lessons about any language you want to know?d. State of WritingLearning the grammar of another language is one of the hardest parts of learning another language but also one of the most beneficial, especially when it comes to writing. This online blog will have all you need to know.e. Audible ItalianAs the title suggests, this is one online tool that can help you to learn and speak Italian fluently. The website has ten main lessons that cover most of the basics that focus predominantly on phrases and sentences you would use while traveling around Italy.

Use Google Translate

Although technically a tool, Google Translate deserves a place of its own. Using the online service, you can easily input any phrase, word or sentence in any language into the text box and it will translate it into any language you like. This is a great way to learn the phrases that you want to learn with no hassle or cost.What’s more, there’s even a dedicated mobile app so you can translate using the internet, wherever you are in the world. One of the leading features of this mobile app is the live translation feature, allowing you to hold up your device’s camera to some text, such as a menu and it will automatically translate on screen.

Next steps

There are plenty ways you can use to improve speaking a foreign language online with technologies that the modern world gave us. There are lots of possibilities and opportunities. Just choose the one you like the most and get started. After some time it is good to change the method or combine two or three of them. And remember, hard work every day and motivation will lead you to the fluent speaker after few months of practicing. Good Luck!

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