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Spanish Youtube Channels

In this section, we're going to share our favorite Spanish podcasts out there. Now you can learn Spanish while working out, walking your dog, etc.


Spanish Youtube Channels

In the previous chapter, we've given you the list of our favorite Spanish podcasts online. As we mentioned, there are many advantages to listening to podcasts, such as listening on-the-go, focusing on your listening skills, and more.Youtube is a completely different beast. Unlike podcasts, videos can give you a visual illustration using slides, whiteboards, and more. Since some (or many) of us may not be suited to learn by reading or listening, learning by watching may be the solution.The other benefit of learning Spanish with Youtube is that most of the videos on these channels are much shorter to consume. On average videos range from 2 to 5 minutes, whereas podcasts may be 30 to 60 minutes per episode.Today, we'll share our favorite Youtube channels to learn Spanish. Hope it brings you value.

Best Youtube Channels to Learn Spanish Online

1. Butterfly Spanish

Our favorite video: 10 Common Questions in SpanishThe Butterfly Spanish host breaks down grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and tips for learning Spanish in thorough but simple videos, most of which are between 15-30 minutes long.

2. Professor Jason

Our favorite video: Why and When to Use Subjunctive in SpanishProfessor Jason’s YouTube channel is incredibly well-organized and comprehensive, and covers a wide range of topics in Spanish and Portuguese. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, we guarantee you’ll find useful information here!

3. Spanish Is Your Amigo

Our favorite video: Learn Arabic Words in SpanishThe bubbly and enthusiastic host of Spanish Is Your Amigo shares super quick (2-5 minute) videos with learners looking to improve their Spanish. Recommended for beginner-intermediate students.

4. Lightspeed Spanish

Our favorite video: Spanish vs. Mexico: Vocabulary DifferencesLightspeed Spanish is run by two cute couples (Gordon and Cynthia) who also happen to be awesome at teaching. From singing you songs to answering specific questions around learning Spanish, Gordon and Cynthia are easy to listen to, and incredibly informative.

5. Learning Spanish Like Crazy

Our favorite video: Learn Spanish Words for BusinessThis youtube channel features a series of different people teaching you Spanish for any level. With many different teachers, you always get a unique perspective with each video.

6. Rocio Rodriguez

Our favorite video: Professions and Jobs in SpanishWhile this channel is no longer being actively updated (last video is several years ago), it contains useful, short video tutorials for Spanish. On average, the videos are around 1-2 minutes long, and it focuses on specific topics like: 'Animals', 'Families', 'Time', 'Dates', etc. It's perfect for people getting started.

7. SpanishDict

Our favorite video: Greetings and Introductions in SpanishSpanishDict has created a series of videos around their Spanish dictionary tool. It contains videos around pronunciation, simple words like months, greetings and introductions, etc. Videos range anywhere from 15 seconds to 10 minutes, so you'll discover a range of different lengths here.

8. Rype

Our favorite video: How to Learn a New Language in 3 Months (playlist)We couldn't resist mentioning our own Youtube channel, which shares our free language masterclasses, live lessons from our students, and pre-recorded classes that our teachers have recorded. We're constantly trying to update it with new videos, so stay tuned!

Similar to the advice we ended with in the previous chapter, we recommend you pick a few channels and subscribe to them. It's more effective to go deep on 1-2 core methods from teachers that you can resonate with than trying to model after 8 to 10 different methods. Focus is key here!Hope you enjoyed this section of our compilation of favorite Spanish Youtube channels. Now let's move on to Chapter 6: Best Spanish Learning Apps[mashshare]

Chapter List

1. Why Learn Spanish?2. Where to Learn Spanish?3. Spanish Blogs4. Spanish Podcasts5. Spanish Youtube Channels6. Free Spanish Apps7. Most Common Spanish Words8. Spanish Exercises 9. Spanish Lessons10. Spanish For Kids11. Spanish For Business

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