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Spanish Learning Blogs

Today, we're going to share the top 10 Spanish learning blogs that we've personally curated for you to learn from. Hope you enjoy.


Spanish Learning Blogs

In the previous chapter, we've given you our reasons on where you can start learning Spanish.One of the amazing changes that have occurred due to the rise of the Internet is access to information. It's now easier than ever to learn from the top language experts that can help us accelerate our learning curve.However, since almost everyone can publish a blog within minutes, it's hard to distinguish blogs that are credible versus those that are not. Today, we're going to share the top 10 Spanish learning blogs that we've personally curated for you to learn from.Enjoy!

10 Spanish Blogs to Learn Spanish On Your Own

1. Always Spanish

Popular articles: Stop Learning, Start Acquiring, The Laziest Way to Conquer Spanish, and 1,000 Words Is All It Takes!Always Spanish (now called Peppy Burro) shares fun and effective articles on how to master your Spanish.


2. My Spanish Adventure

Popular articles: Improve Spanish via Youtube History Videos, 26 Lessons Learned From 26 Years of WanderlustWill Peach is an avid language lover who lives in Spain. What's great about this blog is that it shares as much information about the culture and lifestyle in Spain, as it shares tips on learning Spanish.


3. Speaking Latino

Popular articles: Teacher Resources, 11 Ways to Say Hello in Spanish (Infographic)Speaking Latino offers tips for students AND teachers to make lesson plans more fun and exciting.


4. Peppy Burro

Popular articles: 22 Expressions to Rock Your Spanish While in Argentina, How to Sound Like a PanamanianThe purpose of Peppy Burro was meant to help you learn Spanish on your own. It focuses on giving you the tools and resources to learn yourself, rather than trying to teach you Spanish. Amit, the founder, has also included books, tools, flashcards, and more resources for you to take advantage of.

5. Notes in Spanish

Popular articles: A new Spanish word after 18 years!, Top Spanish books to readNotes in Spanish has a heavy focus on helping you improve your reading and listening skills. It's not limited to just a written blog, but they have an audio podcast bringing you authentic, real Spanish conversations about real-life topics.

6. Vivir al Maximo

While this is not a Spanish learning blog, and rather a travel blog, you can learn from immersion by reading from a native speaker. Angel, the founder of the blog, talks about Castillan Spanish and his experiences of starting an online business.

7. FluentU

Popular articles: 9 Useful Tips for Learning Spanish With Movies, How to Immerse Yourself In Spanish When You Don't Live AbroadFluentU is one of the most popular language blogs online ranging from Spanish to English to German tips. They offer in-depth, specific, and valuable advice for beginners to advanced learners, which attributes to the popularity they have received.

8. IWillTeachYouALanguage

Popular articles: Why Donald Trump Should Learn Spanish, The Best Way to Learn Spanish On Your Own in 12 MonthsOlly Richards speaks 8 (!!) languages and Spanish is certainly one of them. What's most important about the IWillTeachYouALanguage blog is not just specific Spanish learning tips, but the unique ways of learning a language in general.

9. HowtoLearnSpanish.com

Popular articles: The Telenova Method, List of Websites to Watch Spanish Movies With Subtitles, How Many Words Do You Need to Know in Spanish?The domain says it all. HowtolearnSpanish.com is a perfect place for beginners who are just getting started in their Spanish learning journey. Get started by reading some of the popular blogs we recommend above.Hope you enjoyed this section of our guide on where to learn Spanish. Now it's time to move on to Chapter 3: Spanish Blogs.[mashshare]

Chapter List

1. Why Learn Spanish?2. Where to Learn Spanish?3. Spanish Blogs4. Spanish Podcasts5. Spanish Youtube Channels6. Free Spanish Apps7. Most Common Spanish Words8. Spanish Exercises 9. Spanish Lessons10. Spanish For Kids11. Spanish For Business

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