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12 Spanish Language Schools to Help You Reach Fluency

If you're trying to learn Spanish, there are more Spanish language schools to choose from than you have time for. We made it incredibly easy for you here.

Spanish language schools comes in all different shapes and forms.When it comes to learning a language in general, there are several methods you can choose. In-person immersion programs/schools, software apps, instructional courses, and private teachers. Each have their own pros and cons, from time required to prices.

Since you're here to learn about Spanish language schools, we'll share what factors you need to consider:

  • Price: how much are you willing to spend to learn Spanish? What's the value that you're getting compared to the price the school is asking you to pay?
  • Time to fluency: do they have actual case studies of other people who have achieved success? If so, in what time span?
  • Teacher to student ratio: are you going to be stuck with 20 different students demanding the teacher's time? Or will you have more intimate access to him or her.
  • Convenience: how much traveling do you have to do to attend the school?

All of these factors will be different for each Spanish language school, and it will also vary for you as well.Our job is to make it as easy as possible by recommending the top language schools, and giving you the best options to choose from. We've also categorized them per different regions, depending on what country you want to learn in :)

Without further ado...

12 Spanish Language Schools In The World to Help You Be Fluent

Learn Spanish Online

The future of learning languages is online. With the technology and communication tools available today, there's very little reason to pay top dollars and commute to learn in-person. The advantages of learning online are vast, including lower prices for more value, higher-quality selection of teachers, and the ability to learn wherever you are.Here are two popular choices for you to choose from if you want to join the ranks of digital learning (including our own)

1. Rype

Price: ~$125/mo ($8-10/hour)Location: OnlineTeacher to student ratio: 1 to 1Convenience: Anytime of the daySince you may already be familiar with Rype, we'll keep this one short. Rype is the most flexible way to take private language lessons for busy people. We offer a rare combination of handselected professional teachers, convenient scheduling, and fair pricing to help you reach your goals faster.Start with a 14-day trial today.

2. Berlitz

Price: $80/hourLocation: OnlineTeacher to student ratio: 1 to 1Convenience: Learn online with fixed schedulingBerlitz is a prominent Spanish language school that has multiple offices around the globe. Like Rype, they also offer a private instruction program. The difference is that it's mostly intensive courses that require your full time, and it can cost significantly higher than other alternatives.

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Want to explore the beautiful country of Mexico, and learn some Mexican Spanish? It's fast, witty, and full of slang terms!

3. Universidad de Guanajuato

Price: ~$600 USD/mo (plus $50 registration fee)Location: Guanajuato, MexicoTeacher to student ratio: 1 to 10Convenience: In-person attendanceLocated in the heart of Guanajuato, Mexico, this University Spanish program offers summer, semester, and monthly programs for all foreigners. The school also offers optional classes in art, dance, politics, and history to help you understand the culture of Mexico.

4. Frida Language School

Price: ~$800/moLocation: Mexico City, MexicoTeacher to student ratio: 1 to 15Convenience: In-person attendanceLocated in the capital of Mexico, Frida offers a fun and friendly way to learn Spanish. With accommodations ranging from family stays to dorm rooms, you're bound to experience the local life there.


The good news about Panama is that you can find incredibly affordable lessons and lifestyle, while being able to enjoy the joy of the water life.

5. Habla Ya

Price: $15/hourLocation: Bocas Del Toro, PanamaTeacher to student ratio: 1 to 5 studentsImagine learning how to speak Spanish during the morning, and biking or surfing in the afternoon to celebrate your accomplishments. Spanish language schools like Habla Ya can offer this to anyone who wants to relocate to Panama to learn Spanish.

Language Schools in Spain

The country origin of Spanish is often a top choice for people to learn, especially if they plan to live or work in the beautiful country. The accent is completely different from those in Latin America, offering more lisps when they pronounce their words.

6. Instituto Hemingway

Price: $25/hour ($200/week)Location: Bilbao, SpainTeacher to student ratio: 1 to 9 studentsLocated in Bilbao, Spain, the Hemingway Institute (named after Ernest Hemingway) offer fast and professional Spanish courses. It's fairly affordable as well compared to other schools that are located in metropolitan cities of Spain, such as Barcelona or Madrid.

7. Centro de Estudios Andalucía

Price: $20/hourLocation: Malaga, SpainTeacher to student ratio: 1 to 5Malaga is a HOT and sunny location that is considered one of the must-see cities in Spain. The school itself is located in Benalmadena, which is 20km from Malaga. Its surroundings include beautiful beaches, restaurants, and a booming nightlife.

Spanish in Colombia

Yes, the home of salsa, beautiful mountains, and infamous narcos. There's warmth and excitement in the air when you step into the country, and the energy will hopefully exude into your Spanish lessons.


Price: $14/hourLocation: Cali, ColombiaTeacher to student ratio: 1 to 3ISSO is a top-ranked Spanish language school school in Cali, because of how affordable the lessons are and the teacher to student ratio it offers. However, the levels of proficiency it caters to are for only beginners and intermediate students. Advanced students may not benefit as much given their current curriculum.

9. In Situ Spanish School

Price: $25/hourLocation: Bogota, ColombiaTeacher to student ratio: 1:1Compared to ISSO, this school in the capital city of Colombia offers private instructions for just a little bit more per hour. By paying an extra price, you'll likely make progress faster compared to group lessons. In the end, it may be worth it!


10. Celas Maya Spanish School

Price: $10/hourLocation: Quetzaltenango, GuatemalaTeacher to student ratio: 1:1By far this Spanish language school is ranked highest compared to other ones located in Guatemala. Comparing the prices and teacher to student ratio, it's hard not to imagine why! On top of regular lessons, it also offers DELE preparations and volunteer opportunities to be part of the community.


Porteño Spanish is the type of Spanish that Argentinians speak. While you may find Spanish language school schools that teach neutral Spanish, you should be prepared to learn Porteño by studying in this country. You'll also be immersed in the amazing food (asado), music, and the dance of Tango while living here.

11. Academia Buenos Aires

Price: $29/hourLocation: Buenos Aires, ArgentinaTeacher to student ratio: 1 to 5 studentsLocated in downtown Buenos Aires, you'll be in the centre of historic statues, art, and culture. Immersing yourself will be no problem because you can step into the streets and start practicing with Argentinian people outside.


12. Academia Latinoamericana

Price: $200/weekLocation: Cusco, PeruTeacher to student ratio: 1 to 3 studentsLocated in Cusco, the home of Machu Picchu, you'll find a small and intimate Spanish language school to help you speak Peruvian Spanish (neutral). By choosing a school in Cusco, you'll have no excuse not to visit one of the seven wonders of the world!

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