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Spanish For Kids

Do you want your kid to learn Spanish? Not sure where to start? Overwhelmed by the many Spanish for kids resources? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Spanish For Kids

Do you want your kid to learn Spanish? Not sure where to start? Overwhelmed by the many Spanish for kids resources? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.But before we delve into the many kids’ Spanish learning resources, let’s explore why children are able to easily learn languages and how they can benefit from language learning.

A Child's’ Ability to Learn Spanish is Unmatched

A child’s ability to soak up a foreign language is something to marvel at. Their brains are hardwired this way as their brain is in its developmental phase they learn subconsciously. This is why exposing your child to the language early on is vital. Read this, this, and this on the subject if you’re interested.

Benefits of Language Learning For Kids

The following are some of the major benefits of language learning for kids:

  1. Improved Linguistics later in life from early language exposure.
  2. Enhanced cognitive abilities. This includes better problem solving and critical thinking, as well as better memory and creativity.
  3. Academic excellence in subjects like math and science.
  4. Greater cultural understanding and empathy. How often do you hear that learning a new language is a gateway to a new culture?

Give Your Child a Head Start

Given the fact that there’s a growing level of repeal around English-only education laws around the world, it’s time to give your child a headstart. If you already have a multilingual household, don’t forget to interact with your child in multiple languages. Exposure is important. If your household isn't multilingual, learning Spanish is a good language choice.Not only is it one of the most spoken and popular languages, it's recognized as one of the easiest languages to learn.Now, you’re probably thinking, "Well that's all very nice, but where do I start?" To help you get started, we’ve curated a list of the top Spanish for kids resources.

Spanish Music for Kids

Music is ideal to expose your kid to Spanish, and you can take advantage of some of these resources.1. Pandora for Spanish LullabiesPandora is the go-to place for Spanish lullabies. At the moment, it's only available in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. Lullabies are accessible by typing canción de cuna (lullaby in Spanish) into the search field.2. RockalinguaThere are many songs available on Rockalingua. Each song comes with illustrations and lyrics.3. Calico SpanishCalico includes subtitles if you want to learn with your kid. Visit their YouTube Channel.

Spanish Cartoons for Kids

Cartoons let you and your little one enjoy Spanish in a fun way. Who doesn’t like cartoons?1. Fisher Price Vídeos Para BebésFisher Price Vídeos Para Bebés resources are for toddlers and preschool children. Benny Lewis from Fluent in 3 Months says he watched three videos for fun and nearly forgot he had work that day. Talk about addicting!2. Dora the ExplorerDora the Explorer is known globally and aired in many languages, including English and Spanish. If you’re located in the United States visit Nickelodean Jr. to get started.3. Peppa PigVisit the Youtube channel for the Peppa Pig shows.

Spanish Games for Kids

1. Spanish-Games.netSpanish-Games.net showcases games and free tutorials. I like that you can choose between European and Latin American Spanish.2. Online Free SpanishOnline Free Spanish emphasises listening skills. Games come with an audio clip to train your kid's ears.

Spanish Stories and Poems for Kids

Stories and poems are great for improving reading skills. Here are three resources to get you started.

  1. For Spanish Stories: Spanish Playground
  2. To get Spanish poems: Spanish Mama
  3. Additional children stories: Spanish Experiment

Spanish Books for Kids

Learning a language through books can be powerful. Imagine reading a bedtime story to your child in Spanish, or better yet, having them read you a bedtime story?Benny Lewis created a monster resource of 30+ reading resources for novice and intermediate Spanish learners. In the resource, he highlights Spanish reading materials for kids like:

  1. International Children’s Digital Library has a large collection of children’s books from around the world.
  2. Children’s Books Forever provides downloadable children's books with illustrations.
  3. Children’s Books Online has a big collection including the ABC Bicycle Book, About Bunnies, Adventure of Walter and The Rabbits, and more.

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Chapter List

1. Why Learn Spanish?2. Where to Learn Spanish?3. Spanish Blogs4. Spanish Podcasts5. Spanish Youtube Channels6. Free Spanish Apps7. Most Common Spanish Words8. Spanish Exercises 9. Spanish Lessons10. Spanish For Kids11. Spanish For Business

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