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Spanish For Business

Learning Spanish for business is vital in today's marketplace. Spanish is the second most-spoken language and it's quickly becoming a 'must-know' language.

Learning Spanish for Business may seem like a waste of time as English is the lingua franca and the language of business. The fact is: Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world after Mandarin and learning it is becoming more important in a globalized economy.That’s not to mention the many benefits of learning business Spanish, like improved career opportunities and the ability to reach more customers. So, it would be rather shortsighted not to at least consider learning business Spanish.But before we jump into the many benefits and provide you with resources to help you start learning, let’s have a look at exactly what business Spanish is.

What is Business Spanish?

Making a distinction between everyday Spanish and business Spanish may seem weird as people rarely refer to learning business English. This is probably the case because it’s so widely spoken in business and everyday life, that no distinction is necessary. But in the case of Spanish, it helps to makes this distinction.Unlike everyday Spanish, business Spanish refers to Spanish used in a business setting. It’s more formal. Its coverage is broad, from knowing how to start a meeting by introducing yourself, conversing with a receptionist over the phone, to negotiating a business deal and understanding the finer details of a business contract. Business Spanish will be different depending on a person’s profession. Think of a sales manager vs. programmer. The words needed to converse in a business setting will be worlds apart.Whilst business Spanish is broad and varied depending on profession, what business professionals have in common is the desire to learn what is necessary to converse in a business setting, and in the process avoid the long language learning curve associated with learning Spanish from scratch. The ultimate goal is to learn what's needed to benefit themselves and their business in a globalized economy.

What are the Benefits of Learning Spanish For Business?

There are ample benefits to learning Business Spanish for professional and global businesses.

Competitive Advantage

Because companies are interacting in foreign markets the ability to converse in many languages gives them a competitive edge. They’re able to build trust with foreign partners and get more done faster and more efficiently as they don't have to overcome a language gap.

Ability to Reach a Larger Target Market

Consider this: you run an online store and someone from Spain calls to enquire about a product. The ability to transfer that person to someone who is fluent in Spanish increases the likelihood of a sale.

Improved Customer Service

You can also apply the previous example to customer service. A company that can help a customer in Spanish leads to an improved perception of customer service. The mere fact that you provide customer service in English is a plus and allows you to connect with customers and understand their problems. No longer are problems lost in translation.

Help With Expansion Efforts

Are you a business from U.S.A., South Africa, France, Nigeria, Brazil or even Australia? Are you looking to expand into Latin America or other Spanish regions? The ability to converse in Spanish allows you to build trust and partnerships in those regions.Business Spanish will help you converse, negotiate, and close deals that you would otherwise not be able to close. Not only are you able to communicate better, but partners will trust you more be more willing to share cultural specific details of the country that are necessary for business success. This, in turn, has positive ripple effects on the economic growth of your country.

Expand Career Opportunities

Aside from the benefits for business as a professional you also have access to more opportunities. You have access to more job opportunities with the potential to earn more. You also become an invaluable asset to your company as you're able to negotiate contracts (among other things).Now you may be thinking, “Okay sounds good, but where can I go to get started?” Here is a list of Online Spanish Resources to get you off the ground.

Resources to Kickstart Your Business Spanish Learning

From traditional books and online resources to groups to help with accountability the resources there is no shortage of resources to help you learn business Spanish

1. Read Business Spanish Books

Whilst online language learning has proliferated, books are still a great way to learn a new language.1. Manual of Business Spanish: A Comprehensive Language Learning GuideThis guide is ideal no matter what your level of language skill. All of the information you’ll ever need is jam packed into a condensed guide. If you get overwhelmed by a lot of information, then this is your guide. It’s available in Kindle, hardcover, and paperback.2. Business For Spanish and Finance Enhanced Edition: The Basic Spanish SeriesIf you’re looking for something more basic then give this guide a go. The Basic Spanish Series provides you with exercises to practice what you've learned.

2. Learn Business Spanish Online

There's an endless list of online resources to help you learn business Spanish, so we've curated the best for you.1. Businessspanish.comThe site helps you learn both business and everyday Spanish. Learning business Spanish is categorized according to the alphabet. So regardless what profession or industry you’re in, this website will cater for your needs.2. RypeLooking for something more immersive? Why not try Rype, a platform that gives you access to the best language teachers around the world.

3. Join Groups for Accountability

Accountability is important in achieving your language learning goals. Find local groups of people practising business Spanish on Meetup. If you don’t have access to these groups set up your own.

More Spanish For Business Resources

Whilst the above is enough to get you started, here are further resources you can access:

  • Free Spanish lesson on Rype that will teach you the basics of networking in Spanish.
  • Lengalia is a paid for service - although a free trial is available - that offers 10 lessons focusing on job seeking, job interviews and market analysis.
  • En Activo: Practical Business Spanish which you order as an audio cd if you prefer learning with audio as opposed to reading and writing.

Wrapping it Up

Although English is the Lingua Franca and the language of business, learning business Spanish is essential for business success in the 21st century. As the second most spoken language in the world, Spanish is a good choice, especially for the business world.From improved competitive advantage and customer service to helping with expansion efforts and more job opportunities, Spanish has ample benefits. If you’re looking to learn business Spanish consider reading books, using online resources like Rype and joining (or creating) Meetups in your own community.You've reached the end of our Beginner's Guide to Learning Spanish! I hope you find our recommendations useful, and we wish you the best of luck on your Spanish learning journey. Remember, tactics are only impactful if you take action.We encourage you to work with our handpicked professional Spanish teachers. They'll offer guidance, real-time feedback, and accountability to help you go from beginner to expert. Get started for free.[mashshare]

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