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What's Your Daily Routine Like In The Morning?

Morning routines are powerful. It sets up how the rest of your day will be like, which is why I like to protect my daily routine.

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Today’s Question Is...


Daily routines are powerful.It sets up how the rest of your day will be like, which is why I like to protect my daily routines.The best advice I've heard about daily routines is from Tim Ferriss, who suggest that you keep morning routines boring, to free up the rest of your day for exploring.I couldn't agree more, and there seems to be a recurring pattern of successful people who follow the same morning routines religiously, including Benjamin Franklin.


We suggest checking out our complete guide to morning routines, where we share the morning routines of 5 successful leaders, including Tony Robbins, Paul J Mitchell, and more.While each morning present different priorities, the most productive days I have always consist of practicing these 3 "boring" daily routines.


When I first heard about meditating, I naively dismissed it without understanding the science behind it.After a few years of practicing meditation, it's one of the best ways I've found to start my mornings.With the countless distractions that occur throughout the day, from emails, slack notifications, to phone calls, it's easy to fall in the rabbit hole of multitasking.What meditation has allowed me to do is to feel centered and focused, despite the distractions that inevitably come my way.


If you're interested in giving it a go, I would recommend checking out Headspace or Calm, which guides you through a simple meditation practice in less than ten minutes a day.p.s - I'm using Calm right now as I write this. I recommend the "Rain On Leaves" background noise.

Creative work comes first

Content marketing is our biggest driver of growth, which means we write. A lot.One of the hardest things about writing is overcoming creative blocks to generate new ideas, and better ways to add more value to this community. This is why I do all of my writings in the morning.Science shows that the moments upon waking up is when the prefrontal cortex (creative part of our brain) is most active, while the analytical parts of the brain (the editing and proofreading parts) become more active as the day goes on.


Nothing better than a little ZzZ

As hard as I try to push against this, it always comes back harder. The truth is, sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our productivity, health, and happiness. None of the morning routines, productivity tools, or boat loads of caffeine can save you if you don't get enough sleep.I try to get at least seven hours of sleep, but each of us have different sleeping needs. Just keep in mind that having an extra hour of sleep in your daily routine can do wonders for your overall productivity.



The point of today's Q & A is not intended to have you adopt my morning routines or anyone else's. The main takeaway I hope to share is that you should experiment and figure out which daily routines work for you.Whichever daily routine you decide to choose, commit to doing it every single day. Starting your day off with a sense of control helps you stay in control, even when things may not go your way.

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