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Most Common English Words

We know that learning English can feel like an overwhelming task at times. We've compiled a list of the 100 most common English words to get you started.

In the last chapter, we looked at some of the best apps that can help you learn English. We know that learning English can feel like an overwhelming task at times, and that’s totally understandable.

After all, you have to learn and memorize every word in the English language to have “real” conversations… right? While that’s definitely something to work towards, the numbers show otherwise - depending upon your goals, you may find yourself happy hitting, say, the 2500 word mark in English.  Here, we've compiled a list of the 100 most common English words to get you started.

most common English words


  1. time
  2. person
  3. year
  4. way
  5. day
  6. thing
  7. man
  8. world
  9. life
  10. hand
  11. part
  12. child
  13. eye
  14. woman
  15. place
  16. work
  17. week
  18. case
  19. point
  20. government
  21. company
  22. number
  23. group
  24. problem
  25. fact


  1. be
  2. have
  3. do
  4. say
  5. get
  6. make
  7. go
  8. know
  9. take
  10. see
  11. come
  12. think
  13. look
  14. want
  15. give
  16. use
  17. find
  18. tell
  19. ask
  20. work
  21. seem
  22. feel
  23. try
  24. leave
  25. call


  1. good
  2. new
  3. first
  4. last
  5. long
  6. great
  7. little
  8. own
  9. other
  10. old
  11. right
  12. big
  13. high
  14. different
  15. small
  16. large
  17. next
  18. early
  19. young
  20. important
  21. few
  22. public
  23. bad
  24. same
  25. able


  1. to
  2. of
  3. in
  4. for
  5. on
  6. with
  7. at
  8. by
  9. from
  10. up
  11. about
  12. into
  13. over
  14. after
  15. beneath
  16. under
  17. above


  1. the
  2. and
  3. a
  4. that
  5. I
  6. it
  7. not
  8. he
  9. as
  10. you
  11. this
  12. but
  13. his
  14. they
  15. her
  16. she
  17. or
  18. an
  19. will
  20. my
  21. one
  22. all
  23. would
  24. there
  25. their

If you’re ready to keep going, check out this list with the Top 1000 Most Common Words in English.

Best resources to learn the most common English words

While everyone learns and memorizes differently, there are a few resources that we can recommend to speed up or enhance the process.


most common English words

Anki makes it easy for you to create online flashcards to help you memorize words. You can have it on your desktop, or take it with you on-the-go on your tablet or smartphone by downloading their app.


most common English words

Memrise is a memorization tool to help you memorize anything with ease, including English words and phrases. In fact, Memrise has dedicated channels that are specifically built for languages like English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and more.

Learn a Language Challenge

most common English words

This is the free challenge we created for you. Every morning, we’ll email 10 of the most common English words (or Spanish, French, etc.) for 100 days. It takes no more than 5 minutes per day to review, and you’ll learn 1,000 of the most common words in 100 days!

That's our list of the most common English words, and the best places to help you continue to learn them! Keep reading and check out Chapter 8 for some English exercises you can do to improve your English.

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