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Learning to speak French has never been easier with access to new technology tools online. In this guide, we'll share how you can learn French faster.

Learn French

Recognized as one of the sexiest languages to learn by the media, learning French certainly has its upsides. Beyond the fact that over 220 million people speak the language, France itself is culturally a prominent nation historically. That’s why today, French is used as the official language in the United Nations, and the third most widely used language in the Internet!

Here’s the better news. Learning French is actually quite easy if you already speak English. The reason being, fifty percent of the English language is derived from French. Plus, given the similarities of French to other languages in the Romance family, you’ll also learn Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian much more quickly.

Benefits of learning French

It’s clear that certain benefits of learning French are obvious, such as knowing a popular foreign language. But other benefits are not as directly clear, which is why we’re going to share some of these with you.

By learning how to speak French, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve your income – Several studies have claimed that learning a popular language like French can help you earn more income in the workforce. The reason being, many companies are looking to do business in France, and being able to facilitate relationships is a huge value-add.
  • Open up new career opportunities – By knowing French, you’ll now gain access to job openings in five different continents, particularly a growing economy like France. Or you can also find opportunities in western countries that are looking to do business in France.
  • Expand your cultural knowledge – With the introduction to new media channels like Netflix, French movies and TV shows, have hit the global stage. This also includes French music!
  • Easily learn other languages similar to French – As we mentioned above, French is in the same language family (Romance) as many other popular languages like Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. They share many similar words (cognates), sentence structures, and grammar rules, and you’ll save a lot of time once you’ve already learnt French.
  • Make new friends and build stronger relationships – Chances are, you’re already surrounded by other French speakers at work, school, or in your social circles. Learning French will allow you to connect with them at a deeper level, then just speaking English (which is likely their second language).
  • Experience a new way to travel – When you step outside your local country, you’ll quickly be forced to absorb new cultures and interact with foreigners from around the world. Whether you’re traveling for business, leisure, or going for a long-term vagabonding trip, you’re bound to run into French speakers in your journey. Why not prepare now?

French for business

With the the opportunities in French speaking countries increasing, you can bet that knowing French is a secure bet. Nearly all countries in Europe still teach French as a second language in elementary school. Half the people in Africa speak French, and we know the amount of growth that these developing countries will experience in the next decade.

More importantly, being able to work in France alone should be a convincing point. Today, France is the fifth biggest economy and third-ranking destination for foreign investment. However, many people in France would much prefer to speak to you in their native language. That’s why it’s critical to learn the language if you want to excel in the culture.

Why Learn French Online?

If we’ve managed to convince you that learning French is not only a safe bet, but a great investment, now let’s talk about how to learn French. The key dilemma most people will have once they’ve committed is: should I learn French online or in-person?

Ten years ago, most people were learning foreign languages through language schools and in-person tutors. However, given the introduction of amazing services online, this has changed. There is no right or wrong answer as it depends on each person’s schedule, learning style, and budget. But we will go over the basic pros and cons for you to compare from.

Reasons to Learn French Online

  1. Learn anywhere – Since all you need is an electronic device with WiFi to learn French online, you can take your learning anywhere. On Rype, we have members that learn at their office during break while some take lessons while they’re traveling!
  2. Learn when you want – The beauty of learning online is that you’re no longer limited to learning from people in your timezone. 7AM your local timezone could be 6PM in someone else’s timezone. This ultimate flexibility is the real advantage of learning online.
  3. Unlimited options – By learning online, you’ll have a global pool of talent to choose from, not just those in your local zipcode.
  4. More affordable – Since teachers online don’t have to face the costs of commuting, where they have the option to live/work anywhere, it allows you to do learn at a much more affordable price.

Reasons not to Learn French Online

  1. WiFi issues – While most teachers who choose to teach online should be in a place with great Internet, you may not be. At times, you may face potential connective issues where the quality of audio or video may not be as crisp as you may like it to be.
  2. Not a fit with your learning style – At the end of the day, learning in-person may just be the best way you learn. Or perhaps you’re not used to learning with someone there in front of you. Either way, if it turns out that you’re just not comfortable learning from someone who’s not there physically with you, learning French online may not be a good fit.

How to learn French Online

If you’re ready to start learning French online, we have curated a few different ways to achieve this. All options are quite affordable and convenient for your busy schedule.

French tutors

Learning French or any language with a private French tutor has been around for ages. But with the modern way of taking French lessons online, you can reap the benefits of learning faster while saving you time. Moreover, live immersion learning can be up to 5-10x more effective than traditional language methods. French tutors are particularly helpful if your goal is to become a conversationally fluent speaker.


French language apps

Software-based language apps are a great source to learn basic vocabulary and grammar if you’re new to a language. Often times, you can use these apps as a complementary tool to your private French lessons. Keep in mind that software apps are not designed to help you improve your conversation skills, but they are quite affordable in helping you master the basics.

Audio courses and programs

There are also audio courses and programs out there that you can explore in French, including free podcasts you can listen to. These are are great option because you can often listen to them, while you’re doing another activity, such as: commuting to work, walking the dog, exercising, etc.

Conversation exchange partners

Also known as tandem partners, conversation exchanges are useful for helping other people who are looking to learn the language you know. For example, if you’re looking to learn French (and know English), you’ll need to pair up with someone who knows French (and wants to learn English). That way, there’s a mutually beneficial relationship that’s created. You can do these in-person or online.

Youtube videos in French

There are many great resources that can help you learn French online using Youtube. Again, these are great tools to use as a complementary service to your private lessons with tutors.

Learn French with Rype

Rype can help you learn French faster, on your time. With research pointing to the effectiveness of learning with a private teacher, we’ve been able to offer the power of live immersive learning, at an affordable price. As a member of Rype, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain exclusive access to handpicked and pre-vetted French tutors that have been interviewed live via 1-on-1 video
  • Book and enjoy lessons from anywhere you are in the world (no commuting)
  • Learn French (and all other foreign languages we offer) at anytime of the day, any day of the week
  • Pay a fraction of the cost you would pay at a traditional in-person language
  • Improve your French speaking skills faster (and retain more information)
  • Join an exclusive community of fellow language learners and ambitious go-getters
  • Start with a risk-free trial

If you still have any questions about how Rype works or want to share any feedback, feel free to reach out at help@rypeapp.com. Activate your risk-free trial now and start learning French online today.

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