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How to Learn Spanish For Beginners

Millions of people seek out how to learn Spanish to improve their careers, travel experiences, and relationships. Here's a step-by-step guide for you.

Spanish. Some refer to it as the sexiest language in the world, while others know it as one of the top 3 most spoken languages in the world. With over 40M+ native speakers in the United States, and 22 countries speaking it as their official language, it's a no brainer why people strive to learn Spanish.In our complete guide on 'How to Learn Spanish For Beginners', we'll cover the major benefits of learning Spanish in your personal and professional life, the most effective ways to get started, and the best resources to help you. What are we waiting for, let's get started!

Chapter 1: Why Learn Spanish?

Chapter List

1. Why Learn Spanish? - Spanish is one of the most versatile languages you can learn, allowing you to get around over 22 countries that speak the language officially.

2. Where to Learn Spanish? - Depending on your learning style, schedule, and financial resources, we'll recommend the best places to learn Spanish online and in-person.

3. Spanish Blogs - Spanish blogs are a great resource to find hidden sources that you won't likely find in traditional textbooks or classrooms.

4. Spanish Podcasts - Spanish learning podcasts are perfect for busy learners that want to get something done while developing their Spanish skills

5. Spanish Youtube Channels - From the adorable girl from Spanish Butterfly, to the hilarious guys at Senor Jordan, we'll give you the complete list of the best Spanish Youtube Channels to visit.

6. Free Spanish Apps - Finding the right app to learn Spanish on-the-go can be a game-changer for many people reading this. We've tested out hundreds of apps in our time, and we'll lay out the best spanish learning apps for you.

7. Most Common Spanish Words - Just like how we only use 10-20% of our English vocabulary in our everyday conversations, the same logic applies for Spanish. We'll show you the research behind why you should learn the first 1,000 most common Spanish words and how to get started.

8. Spanish Exercises - Looking for Spanish exercises to train your grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills? We've got you covered.

9. Spanish Lessons - Engaging and learning with a real human that's trained to teach a language is the most effective way to learn a language, and it always will be.

10. Spanish For Kids - In the globalized world we live in today, there's a growing level of repeal around English-only education laws around the US and many others. Give your child a head start.

11. Spanish For Business - Win over a client or get a job using your Spanish skills as a competitive advantage.

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