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How to Ask “How Old Are You?” in Spanish


In our last lesson, we learned to find out where someone is from and how to tell someone where you are from. In today’s lesson, we will learn how to ask and say how old you are in Spanish.

Let’s begin! ¡Empecemos!

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How to Ask “How Old Are You?” in Spanish

First the question:

¿Cuántos años tienes?

= How many

Años = years

Tienes = do you have

When you translate it directly it sounds kinda funny, right? That’s because in Spanish you express your age as a possessive. The verb “tener” means “have

Remember in past lessons I’ve mentioned that the verbs in Spanish can have 3 different endings?-ar-er-ir

We already learned how to conjugate verbs that end in -ar.  In this case, the verb tener (even though it ends in -er) is a little bit tricky, sometimes it’s regular and sometimes it’s not. Basically you will have to memorize this verb in all of its conjugations.

Here is how we conjugate the verb: tener

  • Yo tengo
  • Tú tienes
  • Usted tiene
  • El/ella tiene
  • Nosotros/nosotras tenemos
  • Ustedes tienen
  • Ellos/ellas tienen

Now, to answer the question ¿cuántos años tienes?

Tengo ______ años

For example: Tengo 30 (treinta) añosor "I am 30 years old."

Quick tip! The ñ (eñe) is pronounced like this: 'en-yay'

Remember, you can also work with your teacher on Rype to get professional feedback on your grammar and pronunciation skills.To finish why don’t we practice the pronunciation of some numbers alongside some example phrases

  • Yo tengo 20 años
  • Tú tienes 35 años
  • Usted tiene 60 años
  • Ella tiene 45 años

Don’t forget to learn the numbers in Spanish and practice the pronunciation. This will be useful later on when we talk about prices and the time of day!

Now you know how to say how old you are in Spanish!

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