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Complete List of Fun Spanish Conversation Topics For Adults

What does it take to be a social butterfly amongst Spanish speakers? You need to understand how to approach with some fun Spanish conversation topics.

The hardest part of starting any conversation is deciding what topic to talk about.

This is especially true if you're doing this in another language, like Spanish. The good news is, most people have an easier time continuing the conversation once they get going.

Once you can learn some fun and interesting conversation topics, you can use this over and over again to start new conversations. Whether you want to approach a cute girl at a cafe or win someone over at a networking event, we've curated 15 top Spanish conversation topics for adults.

The first part of the article will share tips for beginners and the second part will focus on intermediate learners.

Shall we begin?

For Spanish Beginners

1. What was the last book you read?

Translation: ¿Cuál fue el último libro que leíste?

When you spot an avid reader, asking them about their reading list is one of the best questions you can ask. It will spark an excitement that you may not have seen before since many readers love to share what they have been learning.At the very least, they'll be intrigued by the question itself, since it's a rare question to be asked.

2. What's your favorite movie genre?

Translation: ¿Cuál es tu género de película favorito?

Similar to readers, movie fanatics will certainly not be shy to share their interests in the cinema. Even if they're not avid movie watchers, most people will have a favorite genre to share.You can transition the conversation based on their answer: For example: "Do you also enjoy reading [genre] books/listening to [genre] podcasts in your free time?"

3. What did you do today?

Translation: ¿Qué hiciste hoy?

This question can be a hit or a miss depending on the person and situation. If they had a bad day, then you're going to want to change the conversation topic fast. If they have an exciting story to share, then oh boy, you've hit the jackpot!

4. What do you like to eat?

Translation: ¿Qué te gusta comer?

Food is the gateway topic to culture, travel, family history, and more. Based on their answer (let's say tacos) you can follow up with questions, such as 'did you ever travel to Mexico City', 'I've heard that people from Mexico [insert fun fact here]', etc.

5. What’s your favorite kind of music?

Translation: ¿Qué tipo de música más te gusta?

Similar to food, music is also the gateway to culture and personality. You can learn a lot about who a person is or what they enjoy doing, just by the type of music they listen to. The connection you can have with someone who enjoys a similar type of music as you do is also a powerful motivator to ask this question.There's something about being able to sing a lyric together that unites people with a strong bond.

6. What's your favorite season of the year?

Translation: ¿Cuál es tu temporada favorita del año?

You can't go wrong with this question. No matter what their response is, you can say something good or bad about the season, and they'll most likely understand where you're coming from!

Sure, maybe it's not the most interesting conversation in the world, but you can segway this topic to something else later.

7. What’s your favorite show on Netflix?

Translation: ¿Cuál es tu serie favorita en Netflix?

Netflix is the talk of the Internet in this day and age. With the quality of movies and TV shows on this mainstream platform, you're bound to share a passion around a show that you both love. Having traveled to Europe to Mexico, it's safe to say that Netflix is an international media outlet that most people will have heard about.You can have a debate about whether Netflix originals are better than shows from other networks, your favorite actors/actresses, and what they've watched recently.

8. Are you close with your family?

Translation: ¿Estás cerca de tu familia?

The answer itself may only give you a 'yes' and 'no' answer, but what's great about this question is the segway opportunities that it presents.You can ask them about their siblings, family history, and more importantly, learn about the type of person you're conversing with. It can be a sensitive topic for some people, so be careful about digging too deep if the person feels uncomfortable.

9. What do you eat for breakfast in the morning?

Translation: ¿Qué comes para el desayuno en la mañana?

Like we mentioned before, food is a hot topic for most people, especially those in the Latin culture. While some people in North America even skip breakfast in the morning, a Colombian or Spanish individual will easily scoff at that.This is another good transition question after asking them what type of food they most enjoy eating (Question #4).

10. What are your favorite apps?

Translation: ¿Cuáles son tus apps favoritas?

With thousands of new apps coming out every day, you can never go wrong with this question. Chances are, there are dozens of apps that can improve your life that you have yet to hear about. Now you can knock two walls with one stone! (is that a common expression?)

For Spanish Intermediates

11. Did you hear what happened today?

Translation: ¿Oíste lo que pasó hoy?

For all the story tellers out there, this is a great way to own the room. If you have exciting news or story to share in Spanish, you can inform people about what you just read or experienced.Storytelling is a great skill to have, in any language, and this conversation starter opens up an opportunity to hone your craft.

12. If you had a million dollars, what would you buy?

Translation: Si usted tenía un millón de dólares ¿qué comprarías?

There's something special about this question that widens a person's eye whenever this is asked. Potentially because the idea of having a million dollars excites people to escape their regular, mundane activities and dream.This question is rarely a hit or miss, and you're sure to spark up a great conversation.

13. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Translation: Si pudieras viajar a cualquier lugar donde irías

Like the question above, this question opens up a person's horizon to its full degree. Their brain starts envisioning all the possible places they could travel to and the type of relationships they can build.

14. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Translation: Si usted podría tener una superpotencia ¿qué sería?

A fun and easy question to ask that will bring back a plethora of interesting responses. You can learn a lot about someone's creativity (and interest in sci-fi) based on their answers.You may struggle with certain vocabulary that's used as some people may answer: 'invisibility', 'flying', 'x-ray vision', and more which are words you may not be familiar with.

15. When's the last time you cried in front of someone? And why?

Translation: ¿Cuándo fue la última vez que lloraste frente a alguien y por qué?

Now we're going sensitive. If you want to liven up a conversation that's going south, this question will surely keep it active. Most alpha men won't give you their response, so keep your audience in mind.Which of these Spanish conversation topics will you use this upcoming weekend? Share it with a friend!

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