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Spanish Lessons

To help simplify your decision we’ve curated a list of free Spanish lessons online across. Many of these resources have been curated by us personally.


Free Spanish Lessons

With the explosion of the internet, there’s a shift toward online language learning. Not only is language learning now more accessible, but it’s cheaper.You only have to look at the many online resources available to help you learn Spanish. But, this presents a new problem: how to choose the most suitable online Spanish lessons.To help simplify your decision we’ve curated a list of online Spanish lessons across audio, video, and one-on-one tutoring. Many of these resources are free forever or free with the option to upgrade for advanced features.One-on-one tutoring with a native Spanish speaker though remains one of the best ways to learn Spanish (or any language for that matter). Why?Because it involves one-on-one human interaction. It’s immersive.While it’s more expensive than listening to a free podcast, these online Spanish lessons are more affordable than they’ve ever been. And if the small cost is an issue, you can always make contact with a native speaker through the likes of Meetup or Facebook groups. Fancy bartering to learn a new language?Anyways, let’s jump into it.

Online Podcasts to Learn Spanish

You have a smartphone, don’t you? It’s powerful due to the mobility it provides. You’re able to listen to podcasts no matter where you are e.g. on your commute to work when you're jogging or even when you're unwinding before bed. Here are three podcasts to sink your teeth into:1. Spanish Pod 101When I attempted learning Spanish two years ago, Spanish Pod 101 was one of the resources I signed up for. With the free subscription, you have access to bucket loads of free podcasts, as well as extra course material and notes.2. Learn Spanish with La Casa RojasAre you an intermediate or advanced Spanish Learner? If so, La Casa Rojas is for you. It’s entirely in Spanish and will propel your Spanish language skills.3. Coffee Break SpanishAs the name suggests, Coffee Break Spanish provides bite-size Spanish lessons. Get your hit of Spanish in only a few minutes a day. This is an ideal podcast for those wanting to learn Spanish if they're busy.

Audio Spanish Lessons (not in podcast form)

While podcasts are popular, not everyone produces them or has access to them. The alternative? Regular audio lessons. Here are two:1. 123 Teach Me SpanishHundreds of Spanish dialogues are available in audio format. Aside from learning Spanish, 123 Teach Me also offers many other foreign languages.2. Spanish for BeginnersWith Spanish for beginners, 8 compressed free audio lessons are available for the beginner Spanish learner.

Youtube Spanish Lessons

For those that like a combination of visual and audio, then try YouTube.1. Spanish Pod 101As with the Podcasts Spanish Pod 101, YouTube videos are another great resource.2. Master Spanish LanguageNot the highest quality production here - but it does the job to help you master Spanish. You have access to 40 YouTube Spanish lessons.3. Spanish SessionsLooking for something different? Well, Spanish Sessions offers it. With 48 recordings of Spanish classes - together with subtitles - you'll have enough material to engage with for hours.

Spanish Video Lessons (not Youtube)

1. 5 Minute SpanishLearn Spanish in your own time with this Spanish App. It’s provided by The University of Kansas.2. Talk SpanishThe BBC offers this with 10 lessons for beginners.3. Destinos: an Introduction to SpanishWant to learn Spanish through a television drama? Destinos provides you with 52 episodes to satisfy not only your craving to learn a new language but also for drama.

Online Spanish Lessons and Courses

The below courses, while free, provide a more advanced offering at a small cost.1. FluentU Spanish is a video course for those who crave authenticity. The videos are of authentic native speakers together with sub-titles.2. Duolingo has over 100 million users of their app. It’s arguably one of the most well-known language learning platforms in the world. Start with their Spanish lessons.3. Rype Online Spanish Lessons provide immersion through one-on-one tutoring for a fraction of the cost. They offer a free trial, and if you’re not ready to pay, make use of their free online lessons and masterclasses in the meantime.There are many free online Spanish lessons available. The above resources are perfect to kickstart your Spanish learning. While Podcasts, YouTube lessons, and other audio lessons are superb, nothing beats human interaction.So, where possible supplement your language learning with a buddy, preferably someone who’s fluent in Spanish. If you’re willing to spend a little bit of money (I say a little bit because language learning is more affordable than ever), why not enlist the services of a tutor for one-on-one human interaction? After all, immersion still remains the best way to learn any language.Now let's move on to the next section: Spanish For Kids. Whether you already have kids that are learning a language at school, or you're a lucky parent that wants to prepare ahead of time, this next section will be useful for you.[mashshare]

Chapter List

1. Why Learn Spanish?2. Where to Learn Spanish?3. Spanish Blogs4. Spanish Podcasts5. Spanish Youtube Channels6. Free Spanish Apps7. Most Common Spanish Words8. Spanish Exercises 9. Spanish Lessons10. Spanish For Kids11. Spanish For Business

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