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English YouTube Channels

What if you’re a visual learner? Then keep reading as we list some of the very best English YouTube channels to help you on your English learning journey.


English Youtube Channels

If you learn best by listening, you probably found the last chapter about podcasts super helpful. But what if you’re a visual learner, and learn best by seeing/watching? If so, you’ve come to the right place, because below we list some of the very best English YouTube channels to help you on your language learning journey. The best part? This is another option you can easily fit into your day, because many of the videos are just a few minutes long! If you’re smart with your time, you can easily fit in half an hour of English YouTube videos per day, by dividing that time into more manageable 5 or 6 minute chunks. Here is our list of the best English YouTube channels -- we hope you find them useful!

English With Jennifer

English YouTube

Jennifer has over 400 videos available for individuals learning English, and there is something for everybody, whether you are a beginner or advanced learner. A great resource for supplementing traditional lessons.

Mister Duncan

English YouTube

You cannot miss these videos! Duncan has been teaching English via YouTube and other online channels for 10 years, and his enthusiasm and lesson quality cannot be matched.

ABA English

English YouTube

ABA has an exclusive learning system that stimulates the speaker's natural predisposition in a real environment. Help with grammar, pronunciation tips, and a section devoted to tons of questions about the English language!

Easy Languages

English YouTube

Easy Languages turns normal people into “hosts” by having them conduct interviews in their native language with random people on the street. With hosts all over the world and subtitles this is a super cool way to learn more about your respective countries’ language and culture.

Travel Linguist

English YouTube

In the Travel Linguists “101 Learn” series, you are taught 101 short survival words or phrases in English. A great way to learn basic English words and phrases!

Steve Kaufmann

English YouTube

Steve Kaufmann, founder of LingQ, has dedicated his YouTube channel to his conversations (in 10 languages) with people throughout the world. You'll find general tips and tricks to help you learn languages faster and easier.


English YouTube

We love this channel! Short videos with titles such as “What’s The Easiest Language To Learn?” and “How English Sounds to Non-English Speakers” are irresistible, and really get you into a language-learning state of mind.

Luca Lampariello

English YouTube

Luca speaks over 10 languages and his passion is clear from the first video. His channel is a mixture of language learning tips and interviews with some of the top linguists around!Now that you have our Top 8 picks for advancing your English language skills, what are you waiting for? We recommend trying a few out, then sticking with one or two channels for consistency. Or, keep reading, and check out Chapter 6: English Apps.[mashshare]

Chapter List

1. Why Learn English? 2. Where to Learn English?3. English Blogs4. English Podcasts5. English Youtube Channels6. Best English Learning Apps7. Most Common English Words8. English Exercises 9. English Lessons10. English For Kids11. English For Business

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