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These Top English Translation Apps Will Make Your Life Easier

From Google Pixelbuds to text reader mobile apps, we're going to have a battle of the best English translation apps that will make your life easier.

Technology has advanced at a rapid enough pace where we can now translate English to any other language. Or vice versa! Just by typing in a few words in your native language, you'll receive back what to say in your target language.What an amazing world we live in!If you're reading this, you're looking for English translation apps to help you translate Spanish, French, Chinese, or whichever your target language is, to English. Having the right translator app for English will help you in any situation, whether you're traveling, at work, or when texting that cute girl or guy!


Top English Translation Apps

1. Google Translate

Summary: It's free to use, so why not? Not the best for all languages, but decent as an English translation app.Google translate has quickly made its presence known to the world, thanks to the uprise of Google Search itself. Since translate automatically pops up on a Google Search, it makes it a no brainer for people to use. The service itself has evolved and improved over time, with the use of artificial intelligence and the amount of data they've collected.Today it also offers real-time translations to English even when you don't have service.Honest review: It's without a doubt that Google is the go-to place for translations, especially since it's free. However, give Google Translate a big chunk of phrases or sentences to translate, and you may cringe at what it throws back at you. As long as you stick to simple words without needing too much context, it's still the best tool.

2. iTranslate

Summary: Great for casual conversationsPrice: Free to $4.99/mo for PROiTranslate is likely the next big behemoth when it comes to English translation apps or any other language. The app can translate over 100+ languages and growing through text, audio, and even image. Many language learners praise the app for being useful when you're having a casual conversation with someone who speaks a different language.The ability to speak to the app with your voice and have it translate it back to you instantly is one the coolest things about translation apps like these.Honest review: For a company that does not have the amount of data access as Google, it has done a great job of offering over 100+ languages. It's a go-to translation app for most casual learners and it also offers image to text translations which is powerful. Translation alone though, it likely comes second to Google.

3. TripLingo

Summary: Designed for business travelPrice: Free to $19.99/moTripLingo's experience is catered for more professional and business travelers. In addition to its translation apps, it offers a series of resources to help you learn basic grammar, vocabulary words, and phrases. Our favorite part of the app is the ability to learn about the culture of the country you're traveling to so you're not only language ready, but culture ready.Honest review: Useful app for not just translation but language learning rersources and cultural education. The downside is that while the basic features are free, unique features come at a premium cost of $20/mo. These include live translations, phrasebooks, and other language lessons.

4. WayGo

Summary: Good for Korean, Chinese, Japanese speakers to translate into EnglishPrice: Free to $11.99 for all languagesThe translation apps that we recommended above are all able to offer English translations but its origins came from translating Romance languages. WayGo offers a specialized solution for English learners in Asia because it was designed that way from the beginning. It offers Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and more with translation materials catered to Asian culture.Honest review: The focus of this translation app is appealing, just like you trust a restaurant with a one-page menu versus 100. However, the interface of the app feels a bit like the 2,000's.

5. Papago by Naver

Summary: Another English translator app for native speakers from AsiaPrice: FreePapago is another alternative to WayGo, and it deserves your attention. This English translation app was formed by Naver, which is the Google of Korea. Like Google, Naver has tons of data about the way their users speak and is a useful tool to translate English to a language in Asia or vice versa. It only focuses on 11 languages, so you know they're very specialized in the way they serve users.Honest review: We believe with the free price, better user interface, and the name recognition of Naver, this is a superior app than WayGo. However it's mostly useful if you're translating one of the Asian languages to English or vice versa.

6. Google Pixel Buds

Summary: For futurists, tech enthusiasts, and people want to spend $150+ on Google translate for your earsPrice: $159+Okay, so we all heard about the hype that Google Pixelbuds have brought in the past few years. The hype has certainly died down after disappointed reviews of the product's translation accuracies. Nevertheless, it's a fun recommendation to bring to your attention. Watch this video review of the Pixel Buds.Honest review: The tech and branding is what appeals most people to the Pixel Bud, but does it really live up to its expectations? Based on online reviews, no it doesn't. Using Google translate as the infrastructure for its translations, it's not too much different than having a Google Translator in your ear. The question is then, how is this different than using a regular earphone and connecting it to any translation app?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xjpGy6WbXY

7. Textgrabber

Summary: Read texts from images and get them translated to youPrice: Free to $3.99Another cool translation app that feels futuristic is Textgrabber. While a few other apps have added this feature, this app is specifically known for image to text translations. You can take a picture of a sign, letter, book, or anything that has text in a foreign language, and the app will translate it to you in over 100+ languages. Pretty cool right?Honest review: We enjoy the focused nature of the app as it does what it's supposed to. However, with more translation apps offering a similar service as a feature, it's hard to justify having another translation app taking space on your phone.

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