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English Blogs

While reading English blogs may not sound like the best way to learn English, they can be surprisingly helpful in more ways than one.


English Blogs

In Chapter 2, we explored all the different ways to learn English. Now, let's take a look at English blogs! While reading English blogs may not sound like the best way to learn English, they can be surprisingly helpful in more ways than one. Not only will you have the opportunity to read words of wisdom from top notch linguists, but you’ll gain access to tons of cultural information as well. Keep reading for our list of the best handpicked English blogs to help you on your journey!

I Will Teach You a Language

English blogs

While this blog isn’t geared specifically towards English learners, it has dozens upon dozens of articles discussing anything and everything related to learning a language. You've been warned: the page isn't pretty and the design is basic. If you can get past that you’ll notice that it’s well organized, and there truly is something for everyone!

Grammar Girl

English blogs

Grammar Girl offers intermediate-advanced English learners the opportunity to learn about commonly misused words and phrases. You'll also find grammar tips and some lighter articles, like the one recommending books for the language lover in your life. The articles are short, sweet, and sure to capture your attention!

Espresso English


The Espresso English blog posts daily words and phrases (with corresponding photos), along with longer articles discussing grammar and pronunciation. Best for beginner to intermediate learners.

ESL Hip Hop


Stephen Mayeux, the man behind the blog know as ESL Hip Hop, combines two of his passions in his inspired blog: the English language and hip hop music. Tons of grammar and vocab lessons, along with tips and advice for the aspiring language teacher!

English With A Twist


English With A Twist is an awesome blog for people with an interest in learning English for business purposes. Tons of helpful ideas for using English in a professional setting.



If you find yourself with some free time, Phrase Mix is an amazing blog with hundreds of articles to check out. From Top 100 lists to an article entitled “How to Describe Someone's Facial Hair in English” you’re almost guaranteed to learn something new and be entertained, all in the same place.

Learn Real English


Learn Real English’s blog is full of useful tips, from learning idioms, to common mistakes in the English language. The practical advice you’ll find is suitable for learners of all levels, especially people who are working on their own. We know that learning a new language isn't easy, and we truly hope that some of these English blogs help and inspire you. Ready to keep going? Check out Chapter 4 which is all about the best English podcasts that are worth a listen![mashshare]

Chapter List

1. Why Learn English? 2. Where to Learn English?3. English Blogs4. English Podcasts5. English Youtube Channels6. Best English Learning Apps7. Most Common English Words8. English Exercises 9. English Lessons10. English For Kids11. English For Business

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