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Business English

While learning Business English is no easy task, if you want to advance your career, travel more, or get that raise, it might be time to learn!


Business English

In Chapter 10, we checked out the best resources for kids who are ready to learn English. Now, we'll look at how learning English for business use can benefit your life in more ways than one. There’s no doubt about it - when it comes to international business, English is the language of choice, not only in North America, but throughout the world. When people from companies across the world come together, they may not speak each other's language, but they likely speak some English, making it the common denominator even when neither person is an English-speaking native. Learning business English may even be a requirement, depending upon your chosen career, especially if it’s in a science or engineering field.Keep reading to learn more about what business English is, and how learning it can improve your life in countless ways!

So What is Business English?

You may be wondering what the difference is between learning English for regular communication and learning English for business purposes. While knowing “regular” English is definitely a plus before studying with the intent of learning for business, there are a few distinctions. Having a firm grasp of grammar and vocabulary are critical, as your communication skills will need to be excellent whether you’re speaking at a conference, writing a report, or composing an email. Business English should be clear, precise, and get directly to the point -- save the linguistic acrobatics for another time!

What are the benefits of learning business English?

The benefits of learning Business for English cannot be overestimated or undervalued! Keep reading to learn more!

Best for Business

Business English

English is widely known as the lingua franca in the business world, particularly in the medical, science, and engineering fields. For certain professions, English proficiency will be a requirement, not bonus, and to give yourself an advantage over the competition it’s more important than ever to go the extra mile and learn business English.

Attract More Customers

Business English

Around 340 million people in the world are native English speakers. If you were able to communicate with them on a high level in their language, can you imagine how many doors you might open? When your English reaches a certain level, it makes you appear more educated and trustworthy, two very important factors when conducting business internationally.Protect Yourself

Business English

Business deals are usually made with the greatest of intentions, but it’s still important to be aware of what’s going on around you. Knowing English at a business proficiency will allow you to clearly understand contracts and negotiations so you can better protect your interests.

Resources to Kickstart Your Business English Learning

Learning Business English has so many benefits, it’s no wonder it’s in such high demand. Take a look at our list of the best resources for advancing your English to reach business level. You'll not only see your career options improve, but you should see elevation in your confidence and salary as well!

YouTube Channels

We think YouTube is a great way to learn in small doses-- while you may not master Business English by only watching videos on YouTube, you can surely pick up some new tips and tricks that’ll ensure it’s not a waste of your time. Here are the best channels to start brushing up on your Business English skills.Business English Pod Dozens of great videos that cover topics from financial vocabulary to discussing your dislikes in English. Definitely for the more advanced English speaker.TeacherPhilEnglish While not all of the videos specifically discuss business related topics, these are highly advanced lessons and also include help on improving your accent. These videos are a must watch for anyone looking to advance their Business English proficiency. Let'sTalk Last but not least, Let’s Talk is an incredible resource for those learning Business English. Once you learn the basics, it's really the “little things” that take you from a conversational to business level. Here you’ll find literally hundreds of videos (of the little things) to peruse that contain really specific information on communicating in English at an advanced level.


Market Leader Market Leader is a comprehensive business English course with 5 levels to take your Business English to the next level, and is meant for adults looking to advance their careers or students with an interest in finance or international business. Speak Business English Like an American An up-to-date book with over 350 of the most common idioms and expressions used in a business or office setting, Amy Gillett has released several books, all with the intent of helping you improve your Business English. This one in particular would be great to bring with you on the go, so you can study when you have only 5 minutes to spare.The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation Consider this your bible when perfecting your English, business or otherwise. This workbook and guide serves not only to improve your grammar and communication skills but will also serve as a reference for many years to come.

Learn Business Spanish Online

Espresso English Espresso English has an inexpensive course with 30 lessons to covering topics like how to communicate effectively when at an interview, or giving a presentation. If you want to improve your communication in a professional setting, definitely give this course a shot! Business English Site What the website is admittedly lacking for in design it makes up for with practical worksheets you can work on independently. They have a section for general business terms, and also more specialized topics like sales and marketing and medical English.Rype Looking for something more immersive? Why not try Rype, a platform that gives you access to professional, native speaking English tutors with loads of experience teaching English at a high-level. While learning Business English is no easy task, if you want to advance your career, travel more, or get that raise, it might be time to learn! With so many options, what are you waiting for?[mashshare]

Chapter List

1. Why Learn English? 2. Where to Learn English?3. English Blogs4. English Podcasts5. English Youtube Channels6. Best English Learning Apps7. Most Common English Words8. English Exercises 9. English Lessons10. English For Kids11. English For Business

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