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7 Creative Routines to Craft an Adventurous Lifestyle

At Rype, it’s our belief that everyone should try to craft creative routines to lead an adventurous lifestyle. Here's 7 that we'll share with you today.

At Rype, it’s our belief that everyone should try to craft creative routines to lead an adventurous lifestyle. However, we also understand that there’s a lot to do. There are bills to pay, families to raise, and work to be done. However, we live in an era where we can literally change time zones in a matter of hours and be on the other side of the globe before the end of the day. This pretty much makes us the most fortunate civilization on the face of the planet. And yet, we still find ourselves stuck in the same morning routines, and living the same lives we’ve had for the past few years.One of the greatest perks to actually being around on this great planet is exploring the inherent freedom that comes with it. And that means taking advantage of the beauty that technology and our interconnected world grants us. Today you can work from anywhere with Wi-fi, pay for a cab on your cell phone, and broadcast yourself live on social media. However, there are so many chances that we don’t take, and so many missed opportunities for self-expansion that we miss out on all that life has to offer us.This quick read is designed to get you to dig a little deeper, to push a little harder past your comfort zones, and expand your understanding of the uniqueness of you.

1. Try Living Abroad

As primarily a language learning company, Rype has fallen in love with the idea of leading a rich life. A life filled with adventure, good food, camaraderie, and new experiences. Living abroad is one of the best ways to fail fast, and to learn from those experiences. One thing about finding yourself on a new continent is that there are many lessons to be learned. When you misread social cues, get lost and have to ask for directions, or find yourself completely alone in a foreign land, you will without a doubt have to face yourself and learn to overcome your fears. And as soon as you prove that you can do that, you will instantaneously be granted the confidence boost that comes with gaining an inner awareness of who you are.

2. Become A Minimalist

We are programmed to want whiter teeth, drive the newest Mercedes, and buy the latest fashion. However, in a world where experience trumps stuff it can be easy to get lost among the clutter. Many people have successfully documented their transition from a life filled with rooms of excess to a much simpler way of living. Some have gone so far as to reduce their possessions to less than one-hundred. Joshua Fields Millburn, who is the co-author of the blog theminimalists.com wrote a blog about how he reduced his possessions to just 288 things! Check it out here.While we aren’t advocating selling your house and your car and moving into a tent in the woods--maybe we all can all experiment with what we need to make ourselves happy. By stealing a page out of the playbook of famous minimalists, maybe we can all strive to spend more time and money with the people we love instead of ordering the extra “stuff” that we love. Minimalists suggest that once they get rid of their stuff, their minds open up to a new way of being.

3. Learn to Play an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument helps you to maintain focus, discipline, and dedication. It isn’t easy--especially at first to begin learning an entirely new way of thinking about the world. There are also numerous links between students who studied music who had increased test stores (read better job performance.)

4. Try Starting a Business

Being an entrepreneur is one of the toughest things that you can do, but it is ultimately one of the most rewarding. Being independent of a boss and being in control of your time and your earning power is extremely valuable. However, with added responsibility comes new questions, a steep learning curve, and total dependence on yourself or your business partner. It isn’t always easy, but it will be worth it because of what you will learn.

5. Learn a New Language

Okay, we had to throw this one in there. Obviously, at Rype, we believe that learning a language can help you learn a lot of skills like communication, self-sufficiency, and it has even been linked to helping students to perform better on standardized tests. Naturally, learning another language opens up new opportunities and helps you to relate to an entirely new set of people--and if that isn’t the protocol for a great experiment, we don’t know what is!

6. Learn A Challenging New Skill

When we learn something new, it keeps us motivated and it allows us to make new connections. Have you ever noticed how when you start watching a new television show, you begin finding friends who also watch that show? What happens? Typically, you begin having a new dialogue with them and your relationship grows even stronger. The same is true with your ability to master skill-sets like: attention to detail, analysis, focus, and concentration. Learning something new isn’t only a way to have more adventure in your life, it can also require a lot of patience and willpower to stay committed. If you are willing to put the work in, it is a positive trait that can spill over into many other areas of your life.

7. Try a Silent Meditation Retreat

While Silent Meditation Retreats aren't exactly synonymous with adventure, this is something that can be a life-changing experience. By practicing stillness and silence for an extended period of time, you allow the hustle and bustle of daily life to melt away. It takes at least four or five days to really start to notice immense changes, but if you can stay for at least a week or longer you will be amazed at the results. Quiet is something that we rarely get to experience in our world, and having the opportunity to try this at least once in your life is an amazing experience.Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and in order to do that it’s always a good idea to try something new each year. By experimenting we learn what we do and don’t like, and we find new opportunities to expand our horizons. Push your boundaries and learn what you are truly made of--you may be astonished at what you can accomplish, and the friends that you will make along the way!

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