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Conversation Exchange Review

Unlike Conversation Exchanges, Rype offers you personalized matchmaking, flexible scheduling, professional coaching, and much more. Find out more here.

Conversation Exchanges are good for practicing if you’re already at an advanced level, but Rype helps you reach the next level faster no matter what level you start at. Unlike Conversation Exchanges, Rype offers you personalized matchmaking, flexible scheduling, professional & experienced coaching, and much more.

Let’s see how Rype compares with Conversation Exchanges in different segments that are essential for effective learning.

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How is Rype different from Conversation Exchange?

1. Rype is more personal than Conversation Exchanges

Tired of wasting time trying to find the right language partner?
Now you don’t have to.

Rype is the first solution to personalize your lesson experience and personally matchmaking you with your coaches. This ensures that you’re no longer wasting time trying to find the right person to learn from because we help you get it right the first time.


2. Rype saves you more time than conversation exchange

Never waste time again

Depending on someone else’s schedule to learn can be a nightmare, especially when you’re a busy person.

With Rype, you can get to work with coaches that are available around your schedule and timezone, so you can enjoy your lessons on-demand, anytime.

3. Unlike Conversation Exchange, Rype is for anyone at any level, not just the advanced

In order to participate in a conversation exchange, you need to be able to carry a natural conversation in the targeted language. Unfortunately, not everyone is as patient as we would like them to be, and it’s very likely that the exchange will not last, when it’s not benefiting either party. Or vice versa.

At Rype, you can be a complete beginner with zero knowledge to an advanced level student looking to reach 100% fluency.
We’ll customize your lesson experience to your needs with dedicated coaches giving you 100% personal attention to improve your skills versus the 50% you’ll get with a conversation partner.


4. Rype has only the best

Quality > Quantity

Like anything we’re learning in life, we believe who you learn from is more important than simply what you learn.

This is why we have handpicked only the most qualified and experienced coaches around the world to serve your language goals. Our coaches have on average seven years of professional language teaching experience, that’s specialized for foreigners.

Let the results speak for themselves.

RYPE 7 Avg. Years of Professional Teaching Experience

LEADING COMPETITORS 2 Avg. Years of Professional Teaching Experience

CONVERSATION EXCHANGE 0 Avg. Years of Professional Teaching Experience

5. Rype is a full end-to-end coaching service

Conversation Exchange offers only speaking practice

Unlike a conversation exchange, Rype is more than just a place to meet other people. It’s a full-service coaching platform.

We bring you in to understand your goals, strengths and weaknesses, and keep you accountable every step of the way to ensure you reach your desired end goals.

More importantly, we provide the full coaching benefits you won’t get inside a conversation exchange:

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