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How to Say the Different Body Parts in Spanish (For Beginners)

In this Spanish video lesson we will learn the different body parts in Spanish. We'll include real-life examples that's catered for Spanish beginners.

Language: Spanish

Topic: Body parts

Who it's for: People who are just beginning to learn Spanish, and want to learn the fundamentals.

Skill Level: Beginners

The names of our different body parts are one of the first things we learn as a child because they are essential to everyday life. We use these words when we describe symptoms to a doctor or when describing other people’s appearance. We use our bodies for everything we do whether we are dancing, reading, sleeping, or running.

One of the fastest ways to learn all the different Spanish body parts  is to take a dance or workout class in Spanish. With the instructor shouting to the class “move your hips!” or “spin on your feet!” you will likely know how to say every part of the body in Spanish by the end of class.Watching this video however, will give you a head start so you don’t have to worry about accidently shaking the wrong part of your body! For future reference, the entire body as a whole is called 'el cuerpo' in Spanish.Here's an infographic for the visual learners out there:

Let's start with the top areas of the body, and then move downwards.

Upper Body Parts in Spanish

head = la cabezaeyes = los ojosnose = la narizears = las orejaslips = la bocateeth = los dientesneck = el cuellohair = el pelochest = el pechostomach = el estómagohips = las caderasarms = los brazosshoulders = los hombroselbows = los codoshands = las manosthroat = la gargantafingers = los dedosback = la espalda

Lower body parts in Spanish

legs = las piernasknees = las rodillasankles = los tobillosfeet = los piestoes = los dedos del pie

Real-Life Examples Using Body Parts in Spanish

When we bailar (dance), we use our:las piernas (legs)las rodillas (knees)los pies (feet)las caderas (hips)When we leer (read), we use:los ojos (eyes)las manos (hands)los dedos (fingers)When we hablar (speak), we use:la boca (lips)las orejas (ears)Now that you've gotten the hang of it, we'll remove the translations beside the Spanish body parts to see if you can do it without any help! Remember, if you forget a word, you can just scroll up to find the answer.When we nadar, we use:la espaldalos brazoslos tobilloslas piernasel cuerpoWhen we buy perfume, we use:la narizlas manosWhen we eat bistec, we use:la bocalas manoslos dienteslos dedoslos codosel estómagoWhen we wear our zapatos, we put them on:los pieslos dedos de pie

How'd you do? Not so bad right?

Learning the most common body parts in Spanish will allow you to become a better communicator in all facets of your conversations. It's common vocabulary that's used in even the most basic conversation levels, and it's essential that you familiarize yourself with them.We hope this Spanish class was helpful for you to get started. Now we'll leave you with some practical tips for improving your Spanish skills.

Practical tips to learn the body parts in Spanish

  • Use Memrise or your own flashcards through Anki to speed up the memorization process.
  • Figure out how you best learn. If you're a visual learner, use that to your advantage by printing out an infographic of Spanish body parts, or watching Spanish videos like the one we have above. If you learn better by reading, then write down the body parts in Spanish on your flashcards.
  • Focus on the easy body parts first and master them before moving on. We recommend starting with the outer body parts like your eyes, lips, hips, etc. instead of body organs (i.e. heart, lungs, etc.). Since you're more visually aware of using your outer body parts, you'll likely find it easier to remember them.
  • Want to learn more common words in Spanish? Check out our free language challenge, where we'll email you 10 of the most common words everyday for 100 days.

Best of luck, and leave a comment below on what other Spanish lesson you'd like to learn from us.

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