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Hilarious Spanish Swear Words You Should Know Today

In this free Spanish grammar lesson, we will share the most common Spanish swear words that you can use to exchange with friends.

Overview: In this free Spanish grammar lesson, we will share the most common Spanish swear words (viewers discretion is advised) that you can use + hilarious insults to exchange with friends.
Who it’s for: Individuals who are able to laugh at themselves with a great sense of humor.
Skill level: For all levels.

The point of this class is not to offend anyone. These friendly insults are a common way (believe it or not) of displaying affection to those you care about. Use with your own discretion.

Hilarious Spanish Swear Words

Before we get started, you should know that although these swear words can be used in a joking manner among friends, they can be offensive to strangers so use with caution! Don’t playfully call the cop who pulled you over a “burro.”

Hopefully you can have a good laugh when learning and using these words.

After all, you don’t truly know a language until you feel comfortable cussing out the guy who stole your parking spot. If nothing else, this training video will provide you with some creative nicknames for your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

So what is an insult? An insult is an expression, statement, or behavior, which is disrespectful or scornful.

Funny insults = Insultos divertidos

It is important to keep in mind that each country has its own variations of insults but the intent of an insult is always the same:

to scorn or hurt someone = despreciar o herir a alguien.

As most of us have experienced, insults among friends are taken lightly, so though some of the insults may seem harsh, they are only as harsh as you mean them to be.

Today we’ll be discussing some of the most typical and funny insults in Spain.

1.) Burro = a rude, ignorant, or brute person (think along the lines of Donald Trump)

Literally: donkey

Figuratively: dumb


¡Vaya burro! (Vaya= so, what an..)

¡Qué burro! (Qué= how)

¡Eres un burro! (Eres= you are)

2.) Capullo = an idiot (useful for when your friend sets you up on a horrible blind date.)

Literally: bud

Figuratively: glan penis


¡Vaya capullo!

¡Qué capullo!

3.) Payaso = asinine (For a clear definition, check out this photo)

Literally: clown

Figuratively: ridiculous


¡Vaya payoso!

¡Qué payoso!

Eres un payoso.

4.) Mamón = jerk

Literally: suckling

¡Vaya mamón!

¡Qué mamón!

Eres un mamón.

5.) Cabrón/ cabronazo = bastard

Literally: male goat

Figuratively: animal that represents the devil.


¡Vaya cabrón/ cabronazo!

¡Qué cabrón/ cabronazo!

(Eres un) cabrón/ cabronazo.

6.) Gilipollas = an unintelligent person

Literally: gili means stupid and pollas means dick.

Figuratively: idiot, stupid


¡Vaya gilipollas!

¡Qué gilipollas!

Eres un gilipollas.

7.) Hijo de puta = bastard

Literally: son of a bitch

Special note: Can used to express surprise or admiration to a friend.

Literally: son of a bitch

¡Vaya hijo de puta!

¡Qué hijo de puta!

¡Eres un hijo de puta!

8.) Tontolculo = dumbass

Literally: tonto means stupid and culo means ass.

Figuratively: idiot, stupid


¡Vaya tontolculo!

¡Qué tontolculo!

Eres un tontolculo.

9.) Huevón = a lazy person

Literally: big egg/ balls

Figuratively: slacker, lazy, idiot


¡Vaya huevón!

¡Qué huevón!

Eres un huevón.

If you passed the quiz at the end of the video you are officially a Spanish swear word expert.

Have fun, use wisely, and enjoy your new set of Spanish swear words!

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