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17 Most Useful Spanish Translator Apps For Beginners

Getting ready for a trip to a Spanish-speaking country? We've got you covered with these most useful Spanish translator apps to make your life easier!

Heading to a foreign country often means that you’ll be speaking another language and no matter how many lessons you’ve taken or phrases you know, it can sometimes be difficult to remember exact words.

However, technology has you covered. If you need to say more than ‘hola’ but you aren’t sure about the best translation, there are a multitude of translator app apps available to give you a nudge and get you talking.

Here are 17 top Spanish translator apps you’ll want to download before heading to your Spanish-speaking country of choice.


Top 17 Spanish Translator Apps For Beginners

1. Google Translate

www.translate.google.com; Free

Yes, it’s tempting to skip over Google looking for something a bit less corporate, but Google Translate has been updated with a number of new features for travelers. It’s as simple to use as pointing your phone at some unknown text and seeing what emerges on your screen. Real-time Spanish translation even works with your Android phone when you don’t have access to cell service.

2. Yandex Translate

www.translate.yandex.com; Free

Google might be perfect for Android users, but iPhone buyers might have a bit more difficulty translating in real-time without WiFi or cell service. Fortunately, there’s Yandex, which offers a comparable alternative. One of its best translation services? You got it, for Spanish.

3. iTranslate

www.itranslateapp.com; Free

Heading to Spain and need to know several important phrases off the top of your head? iTranslate makes it easy to save questions or directions that you might need to ask later. It’s making waves with its ability to translate over 80 languages, so it’s really the only translation app you might need on your travels. (Be warned: it does require internet.)

4. iTranslate Voice

www.itranslatevoice.com; $5.22

While the iTranslate basic version provides you with text and plenty of languages to play with, nothing beats actually having the ability to communicate with others via voice. Need to decipher two dialects of Spanish? One in Spain and one in Guatemala? This app has you covered for a small fee.

5. SayHi

www.sayhitranslate.com; Free

Not all of us want to think about becoming more technologically literate on our journeys. In fact, the less complicated our apps are, the better. SayHi is called “spare,” but that also serves as a positive when you are trying to remember the correct word. Sometimes, simple is the best.

6. TripLingo

www.triplingo.com; Free

Simple can be best…unless you want to go in the complete opposite direction and get all the bells are whistles. This one-app-serves-all has a tip calculator, live translator, and tips to help you feel prepared for your journey. One of its most well-programmed languages? Espanol.

7. The Pilot

www.waverlylabs.com; $249

Welcome to the future! The Pilot might be a little expensive (and not yet out on the market for everyone yet), but it boasts the best real-time translation yet. Through provided earphones, you can hear the translation as the conversation goes on. It’s a little bit creepy and a little bit cool at the same time.

8. Speak and Translate

www.apalon.com; $19.00

iJunkies will find this app a perfect way to integrate all devices—including the Apple Watch. Providing real-time translation for the most-spoken languages (as well as both the Spanish and Mexican dialect), it’s a great way to keep everything together and extremely helpful for any business you might be conducting on your travels.

9. Textgrabber

www.textgrabber.pro; $4.99

Know only bits and pieces of a language? Planning on multiple destinations? Textgrabber makes it easy to take bits and pieces of road signs, restaurant fronts, or anything else with words that might be “grabbing” your curiosity. It also has a very useful internet translation function that can be used on maps, as well.

10. Microsoft Translator

www.translator.microsoft.com; Free

One of the major benefits of the Microsoft machine is that it is able to translate nine languages (including Spanish) in real-time. Even better? You don’t have to have an internet connection in order to do so. When you don’t always have WiFi or a solid cell network, this can be an invaluable tool in order to communicate with others.

11. iHandy

No website; $1.99 for pro

iHandy is quick and provides everything you need when you know the basics of a language but a few words just keep seeming to evade you. Type a word and the translation will immediately pop up, making it easy to find that perfect phrase. It keeps your searches and also offers a way for you to connect with friends through Facebook and Twitter.

12. Voice Translator

No website; Free

Sadly, this app is only available for Android currently, but it offers a fun, colorful way to meet new people through conversations. It has an accurate voice recognition software that makes it easy to express what is on your mind. It also includes a text reader if the spoken word just isn’t enough to get your point across.

13. myLanguageTranslator

www.mylanguage.me; Free

Want to do more than just express yourself with another language? myLanguage encourages you to actually learn as you go alone. Users have touted it as one of the best homework helps for students, and it also includes a dictionary and text-to-speech as well. If you plan on learning a language as you go, this can be a perfect resource.

14. Translator with Speech

No website; Free

Practicing pronunciation is an essential part of learning a new language, and Translator with Speech helps you with 84 different choices. Hearing words and repeating them yourself can not only make it easier for you to be understood, but it’s also a free way to keep practicing even when you are traveling.

15. World Lens

www.word-lens-translator.en.softonic.com; Free

Take a picture of any confusing words and have it translated before your eyes. If you don’t need to hear the words spoken, this handy app lets you translate text without taking up a ton of space on your phone. Just make sure your phone is stabilized and watch how augmented has changed the way we look at the world.

16. Spanish Translator Pro

No website; $0.99

If you’re focusing just on speaking Spanish, this app can end up saving you some room—and it’s also straight-forward. When you’re traveling, sometimes you just want to focus on the basics, and this app helps you find the right Spanish phrases and words without too much work. It’s worth the extra 99 cents!

17. Medical Spanish

No website; $5.99

You never know what vocabulary you will need on the road, and you never know what you might need in an emergency. Whether you need to talk about your broken leg or you want to mention how you’ve been feeling ill, this phrasebook offers you all the information you need right on your phone.

While these apps might not be able to teach you the basics of a language, they can certainly help you if you need to communicate while abroad. We hope these suggestions help you on your journey to develop a new skill learning a new language.

What's your favorite Spanish translator app?

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