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15 Top Notch Mandarin Lessons You Can Learn for Free Online

Wondering what are some free options to get started in learning Mandarin? Here are 15 top notch websites that offer Mandarin lessons for you online.

No one ever said that taking on a new language was an easy thing, but Mandarin can be extra difficult. It’s also important to make sure that you take advantage of the proper materials in order to learn the language efficiently and effectively. Thankfully, the internet has created plenty of opportunities to learn Mandarin for free—you just have to know the right place to look.

Here are some of the top Mandarin lessons we found that allow you to take on this challenging language for free.

15 Top Notch Mandarin Lessons You Can Learn

1. BBC Languages

The BBC has taken stepped out of the realm of news and has created opportunities to help language learners expand their horizons. The Mandarin lessons offered online cater mostly to beginning speakers, but they also offer some ways to review if you have been working on your Mandarin for a while. Whether you are looking to brush up on your skills or begin the process of learning a new language, this is a good place to start.

2. China Educator

This site has all the basics and takes the time to teach pronunciation correctly—which can be one of the most difficult parts of learning the Mandarin language. Thankfully, this site breaks everything down so the entire process goes a bit more smoothly and you don’t have to feel embarrassed hoping that you are saying something correctly on your next trip to China.

3. Learn Chinese Ez

Focusing mostly on tone, each vocabulary word has a voice recording so you can recognize where you are mispronouncing a word. The site might be a little dated, but it still holds some valuable information about how to use the correct grammar and how to know when you might be slipping. It’s a great stop for the very beginner. Take your time and take advantage of the chance to listen to some of the vocabulary spoken aloud.

4. Remembr.it Chinese

This site is mostly devoted to helping the traveler on the road. Along with the basics, it also offers a way to make conversation and to be able to use your new-found skills in a real-world setting. It can be incredibly helpful for someone looking to make new friends while they are abroad and it can provide you with the information you need if you run into a difficult situation.

5. Chinese Pod

Who doesn’t love a good podcast? Along with a variety of videos, a dictionary, and some audio, you are exposed to all the elements of learning a new language on this website. The additional tools like the forum also provide you with a chance to chat with other Mandarin learners if you are having a difficult time remembering a certain concept or you need some help with the grammatical structure.

6. New Concept Mandarin

New Concept is all about getting people out of the classroom environment and thinking about how you use language on a daily basis. Between the interactive video lessons and the types of topics they cover, you can go from a beginner to an intermediate speaker with their materials and a bit of hard work. The best part? If you’re having a hard time with a concept you can re-watch the video as many times as you want.

7. Learn Chinese Online

Learning a language doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, this website makes it a lot of fun with colorful illustrations and ways to click and enjoy the experience. It’s one of the best sites on this list for beginners and can work great if you are looking to review some concepts in a fun way. You can also hear the vocabulary was spoken, which can be extremely helpful when you want to make sure you are pronouncing things like a champ.

8. Grasp Chinese

Everything about this course makes it easy to take on the road. Between the videos, audio, and pictures, you have everything you need in order to develop the skills you need to communicate in Mandarin. They also focus on day-to-day events that you might encounter while you are traveling—which can be extremely helpful practice for when you arrive in China and need to speak with others.

9. Clear Chinese

Conversation can be the key to making new friends in a foreign country, and this site helps you learn phrases that can be extremely helpful when you travel. Not only that, but it also focuses on the basics you need in order to have meaningful conversations with your new Chinese friends. Learning phrases can help you to have an easier time when you go actually spend time with your new acquaintances.

10. Zhongwen Red

You don’t have to have the highest-tech site in order to learn a new language. In fact, sometimes it’s better to have lesson plans that are straightforward and that can help you to really know the material. This site has plenty of Mandarin lessons to keep you learning and developing your skills for several months.

11. Chinese-Tools

Going back to the basics isn’t always a fun thing to do, but it’s often important for solidifying concepts that you might be having a difficult time with. For the Mandarin alphabet, some simple characters, and pronunciation of consonants, this site is the best bet for you to reestablish some skills that you might have forgotten.

12. OpenLearn

Mandarin isn’t the only language you can learn on this site, but you’ll find that it has a number of great resources for you to develop your skills. It also focuses heavily on visuals, which can help you connect vocabulary to everyday objects. Most of all, it is available without a trial—which some of these high-quality sites require from members who want to learn a new language.

13. L-CEPS

This web application offers a lot of fun and some of the very basics for learners. You can master clothing, greetings, colors, and more from clicking on the vocabulary words. Audio is included, so you can practice pronunciation while also seeing the characters. Each word is spelled out so you know how to approach the next step of putting together phrases and speaking in conversation.

14.  Online Chinese Language

While this site focuses on much more than simply learning Mandarin, you can also look into the individual lessons they have available. It can also be a great way to find the right study abroad opportunities and quiz yourself. It’s a great one-stop site for everything you need to know about delving into learning Mandarin.

15.  Omniglot

Very few websites that teach a language online for free focus on the writing systems. Omniglot takes extra care to teach new students about how the Mandarin characters affect the language. They also have videos that will get your excited to learn about the characters in Mandarin.

Bonus: Rype

Of course we couldn't leave out our own Mandarin lessons service. If you're looking to improve your speaking skills particularly, our handpicked Mandarin teachers can help accelerate your skills.

We hope this helps you decide which free online Mandarin lessons are the best for you and for the way you learn!

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