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Jumpspeak is the first app that actually got me feeling confident in speaking. It's a game changer.

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I'm currently in Mexico, and I've put the conversation lessons on Jumpspeak to immediate use. Amazing app to help you feel more confident with your speaking skills instantly!

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I love how Jumpspeak mimics real life conversations. There's nothing else like this.

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Jumpspeak is something I wish existed for awhile. I first tried Duolingo and it lacked real use cases. With Jumpspeak, you can actively practice real-life conversations, which I must say is a very effective way to learn. I highly recommend Jumpspeak!

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I've been using Jumpspeak for two weeks now, and it's helping me form sentences. Especially when I'm speaking to my coworkers. Not only is it addicting because the lessons are short but it's also entertaining.

Rida Qureshi