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I am loving Jumpspeak! Within a week of using it, my Spanish comprehension is improving. The unique thing about this app is that it creates a life-like conversation where you listen, then respond. Just like a real conversation, with AI feedback.

Daniel Dirk

I used to feel shy & intimidated speaking Spanish to strangers. Jumpspeak has helped me feel more confident within the first month, and it is the best thing I've found to learn a new language. So many other apps use traditional Spanish methods, but don't help you speak it.

Yvette Nichols

Jumpspeak is something I wish existed for awhile. I first tried Duolingo and it lacked real use cases. With Jumpspeak, you can actively practice real-life conversations, which I must say is a very effective way to learn. I highly recommend Jumpspeak!

Sébastien Lamanna

I've been using Jumpspeak for two weeks now, and it's helping me form sentences. Especially when I'm speaking to my coworkers. Not only is it addicting because the lessons are short but it's also entertaining.

Rida Qureshi

Meet the AI Language App That Gets 78% Spanish Learners Speaking Confidently in 3 Weeks




How Jumpspeak Works

First, choose from one of 700+ fun, short, and real-world Spanish conversation lessons designed by language experts.

First, choose from one of 700+ fun, short, and real-world Spanish conversation lessons designed by language experts.

1. Learn Spanish by Speaking It on Day 1

You'll instantly speak in engaging conversations, powered by chatbots with expert-guided responses. Best of all, you'll never feel intimidated again.

2. Speak Accurately With Real-Time, AI Speech Feedback

Improve your accent & pronunciation every time you speak with real-time AI speech feedback.

3. Become a Confident Spanish Speaker & Track Your Progress

Stay motivated as you progress into becoming a confident Spanish speaker with daily streaks, number of words learned, and more.

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Try for 100 Days + 1-Year Free Spanish Text Tutoringtoday
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Spanish Learners Like You Who Went From Feeling Shy to Conversation Fluent

"I went from B1 (Intermediate) to C-level (Advanced) after using Jumpspeak. I saw an immediate difference."
-Jazmine Kempin

"I started as a beginner, and now I can confidently say I'm an Intermediate speaker. This is 100% thanks to Jumpspeak."
-Mark Holmes

"I've honestly tried every language app out there, but Jumpspeak is the most innovative, natural, and conversation-based app I've ever used."
-Dr. Leslie Lundt, MD

"AI-based conversations that will make you feel as if you're chatting with a real-life native speaker."

"Jumpspeak puts learners’ feet to the fire immediately, using an active method of learning languages."

"Engineered around actually speaking the language, focusing on verbal immersion learning rather than typing."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jumpspeak?

Jumpspeak™ is an AI-powered language app that uses an active immersion method to teach you how to speak a new language.

Instead of teaching you boring, irrelevant words using flashcards, our app is designed around speaking in conversations to prepare you for the real-world.

What problem will Jumpspeak solve for me?

Ever hesitated in a Spanish conversation with someone? Or worse, had your mind go blank?

The possibility of embarrassing ourselves in front of our friends, partner, or strangers, and feeling judged is something any of us would like to avoid.

But what if you can learn to speak Spanish confidently without feeling any of those fears? You can.

Similar to how pilots use air flight simluators, Jumpspeak is designed to immerse you into real-world conversation scenarios, without ever feeling judged.

How does the Jumpspeak™ AI Immersion Method work?

Jumpspeak AI Immersion Method is the first language learning method combining active learning, artificial intelligence, and immersion into one learning experience.

Jumpspeak's active method gets you speaking on day one. This is shown to be 3.5x more effective in learning retention than watching videos/listening to audio, according The National Training Laboratories.

In addition, our AI speech recognition technology gives you real-time, accurate speech feedback every time you speak.

Lastly, we designed immersive, real-world conversations with relevant topics, words & phrases, and scenarios that you actually care about.

How long does it take to see results with Jumpspeak?

You should notice your speaking skills improve after your first conversation lesson. From the first words you speak, you'll get intelligent speech feedback to know how accurately you spoke, and how to improve the next time to you respond.

In fact, 78% of our users have reported an improvement in their speaking abilities within the first 3 weeks of using Jumpspeak.

What if I'm a beginner, will Jumpspeak work for me?

The short answer is: yes!

Given that most people are starting with little knowledge, we designed the learning experience for beginners. With that said, we do recommend knowing at least the bare minimum to see better results.

In the beginner introductory lessons, we do heavily focus on the fundamentals. This means you'll learn the basic words and sentences, like greetings, numbers, dates, etc.

TLDR; You do not need to know any basics of the language to gain the benefits of Jumpspeak.

What do I get for becoming a subscriber?

With Jumpspeak Premium, you unlock full access to all of our content library (700+ bite-sized conversation lessons simulating real-world scenarios from dating to business). You'll also get hundreds of interactive exercises that teaches you the basic Spanish fundamentals (grammar rules, vocabulary, conjugation, etc.). Lastly, powerful AI tools to improve your pronunciation & speaking skills, and insightful data to track your learning progress.

Beyond this, you also get exclusive access to a private community of fellow language learners that you can stay accountable to, ask questions, and/or find conversation partners.

What is Unlimited Text Tutoring™ and is it included in my membership?

After speaking with our users, we realized that many learners were spending $100 to $200+ per month for private tutoring lessons to just ask a few questions & get specific feedback.

This resulted in creating the Unlimited Text Tutoring™ program. Members get unlimited tutoring via messaging with professional Spanish tutors to increase their learning speed, stay accountable & motivated, and most importantly, save big on costs.

How much time is required of me to learn using Jumpspeak?

On average, each conversation lesson takes around 3 minutes to complete. More importantly, we save your progress mid-lesson so you can come back to where you left off at anytime.

We built Jumpspeak with the busiest person in mind, so lack of time will never be your excuse!

Is Jumpspeak available both on iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)?

Yes! The app is available for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play).

How does the 100-Day Guarantee work?

Our goal is to make sure that you have the best learning experience possible. If Jumpspeak isn’t for you, then simply email us and we'll offer a full refund within 100 days of the date you purchased your subscription.

What other languages will you offer after Spanish?

Currently, we offer Spanish. English is launching end of 2022 (estimate), with French and German after.

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